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As you probably know, TrackMania² and soon ShootMania are part of ManiaPlanet. Kind of free portal allowing different interactions between games and real gold mine for many designers with tools developed by Nadeo, ManiaPlanet remains rather unclear for most players. This does not prevent Nadeo to announce the imminent release of version 2.0! TM-Actu will try to get you these new features.

Let's start a quick tour of these innovations. Of course you can find an explanation in detail in the following pages.

Here are the main additions:

Admit that you've already forgotten half of what you understand ... which was already half of what you read. When you know how many readers read the articles until the last line, we can say that many of you will be surprised   by all these new products! In all cases, they promise to boost Canyon while making us wait before the release of ShootMania. Let it be said, Nadeo still lots of ideas to improve ManiaPlanet .... MP 3.0 coming soon ... or not!

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