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On the occasion of the press conference of the Gamers Assembly, we were invited to see a showmatch on ShootMania between the CSS team VeryGames and the former GG. This was also the opportunity to present us the Elite gamemode, two teams of three players but a way very different from what one might think.

The attack-defense in 1vs3

So we have the attacking team is composed of a single player, his teammates looking at him, armed with a Railgun, killing in one hit. Its objective is to either kill the 3 defenders, armed with a rocket launcher, killing in 2 shots, or capturing the pole. But the pole can be captured only after 45 seconds of play and for only 15 seconds before the end of the round. Then, roles are reversed at the end of each round. 

We were able to attend two BO3 between Verygames and GG and this is VeryGames who won 2-0 but with rounds tight and exciting. The evening was narrated by Chips & Noi that animated this game.

ShootMania at the Gamers Assembly

The evening also allowed us to learn the presence of a Op3n ShootMania tournament at Gamers Assembly. It will allow 32 teams of 3 players, divided into 4 pools of 8 teams to compete on Elite mode over the weekend with a dotation of € 6,000 from their partners ASUS, Plantronics, QPAD and Intel, and a final on the scene on Sunday afternoon. The games will be commented by Chips & Noi and the final will be streamed.

Anyone who can not participate at the tournament and visitors, will still try the game on the Nadeo's stand during Partners area hours.

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