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We need
your talents in mapping order to realize the packmap for the  Canyon tournament in the GA 2012. The rules are the same as usual, namely:

  •      Map of 55 seconds to 1 minute 5 seconds
  •      The map must be technical; fullspeed, lol ... prohibited
  •      The map must be in day mode
  •      Avoid extreme changes in brightness, try to turn your map or via the MediaTracker (tonemapping)
  •      Hexadecimal or modification of the file out of the game is prohibited
  •      Each mapper can submit only 3 maps
  •      The maps will be appointed GA2012 - theNameOfYourMap 
  •      Do not put a password on your map to add panels later

You are called to send your maps before Saturday, March 10th at 23:59: jonthekiller[at]gmail[dot]com

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