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We have just learned, by a news on Saphire's forum, the team joined the French multigaming HipnoZ! We went Snaky, team leader for further information!

TMactu :  Hi Snaky! How are you?
Snaky : Well it's going pretty good except that it is the end of the holidays and you? : D Ready to transcribe long answer? haha

Great, thank you! So what do you think of a small presentation for our readers?
So I'm Snaky from Sapphire team, player on TMNF tech for almost 3 years and a bit dirt player in his spare time. I am also the leader of Sph since its inception and supports with difficulty (especially the little Sexx) every day ^ ^.

Okay, we just learned some good news for you and TrackMania, you just joined a multigaming, can you tell us more about this new project for you?
Yes actually we have just joined the French multigaming HipnoZ, present on a dozen games, by an application that was written after doing research on structures "serious" enough known in the e-sport. We have already thought about joining a multi one year ago but we were really skeptical, really brought us some little things and finally it was thought not to have a sufficient level. After much consultation and discussion with us, Herta (President HipnoZ I thanks him :D), our choice is worn over them!

A new structure of Trackmania, what issues HipnoZ Will it help you?
As we said on our forum, we really wanted to move us more or less "mass" to meet us more (we have already made a few contacts IRL) and especially try to make the outcome in LAN. On this point HipnoZ really stood out from others with a partial or full financial support for travel and LAN inputs. But where we liked is that in return Herta didn't ask us the moon, just to do our best to be present and move on! In addition to this come other benefits such as a TeamSpeak channel of course, but also TM servers, shirts and paid extremely sold off through a partnership with one of the largest suppliers of esport. Some will say of course that all this looks good on paper, but Herta is preparing soon to pay the entry into our Belgian player Yuri for his LAN scheduled in two weeks, which for us is already a evidence that speaks more than words ;)

Will you now aim higher in terms of results, Online and Offline?
Can we expect recruitment soon?
Online, we will still try to aim for a top 3 in the next ESL season and make good results in big international competitions in which we participate. On this side we remain within our logic actually ^ ^. But our biggest challenge will be offline events, where we will try to move as often as possible, aiming for a top 10 each time and why not aim for a final LAN occasionally! "From a recruitment point of view nothing is planned at the moment, firstly because it is almost enough in number, and partly because we never look only wholesale level players (no player was renowned at home). It is imperative that mentality sticks and that the current flows. Not easy to find :P

Sure! We wish you success for your future dates, and I let you finish by what you want to say !
Thank you for this interview that you gave me Clemouf . Gogo Sph by HipnoZ of course and good luck to all for this hard period of competitions!

Team :

  • fr.png Andreas
  • at.png Asserich
  • fr.png Bisou
  • fr.png Bubus
  • fr.png Frenchy
  • fr.png Jeyunit
  • fr.png Koryad
  • ch.png moom
  • fr.png SexX
  • fr.png Skeazou
  • fr.png Snaky
  • fr.png Teka
  • fr.png Vekouille
  • fr.png Vt4
  • be.png Yuri

Site HipnoZ : HipnoZ Multigaming

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