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Here is the statement of fr.png Sulli. The LDLC player is presenting a new organization which would federate the major tournaments on Trackmania:

"Hello everyone !

As a few people may know it since a while, a bunch of players is trying to launch a federation in order to help the TM esports community to get bigger.

The goal of this kind of federation would be to make a link between all major tournaments organizers, then, we should start to think together about tournaments rules. Players limit, game mode, map choosing system.. All those things which are making our competitive world will be studied in this federation.

Main lines of the project are more or less already defined :

  • Updating tournaments rules
  • Creating a common mappack
  • Creating a professional ranking
  • Define the professional ranking system

Trackmania needs to evolve, it needs to look for a more professional future. To make it real, players are the key of this evolution. Leagues are to heavy in terms of training, tournaments rankings are never representative of a team/player level (A player can barely be well trained for 2 tournaments in the same time.). This project needs to be supported by all the main teams, give us your ideas to make it happen !

Also, we need a place where we can gather all these informations, this is why we want to raise a website and we're searching for dedicated people to give us this help. Every kind of help will be appreciated !

A talk will be organized soon on an IRC channel where you will be free to ask everything you want about this federation. Informations about this talk will be put here.

Thanks for your attention."

Sulli ' Sullivan ' Berger

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