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September 14, 2011, official release of the first part of the reactor and rocket of Maniaplanet : Trackmania². Just five months later, Nadeo speeds things up with a press presentation of their next baby: ShootMania! TM-Actu was on hand to see if the French studio had achieved its goal with this first FPS ... and it looks good!

The FPS sauce Nadeo

The game is in the category of Fast-FPS like Quake or Unreal but is still far. The movements want rapids without too much and with the technicality. There's Rocket Jump without damage where you can jump on the rockets of our allies or our enemies but not our rockets. The most important is the "glide", where the fact to jump to gain more speed. It takes a little time to master it and start to optimize it even more because it uses stamina and after it takes a while to recover.

The railgun

This also makes us talk about controls. ShootMania want to be accessible to many but with the technical for others. In total there are 6 keys, 4 arrow keys or WASD and left and right click. The left click to shoot and right click to jump and run. One click we jump and a second longest click to sprint and use the stamina. Although success in managing this and you can win a lot of speed and bringing your opponent. 

A battle between yellow and blue teams

Then, there is "no localization" of damage, a fire hit in the head or foot is the same and there is no splash damage, it must necessarily hit the opponent. A shot being received in mid-air will propel us forward. Kinds of "bumpers" will put a little more madness in allowing excessive jumps in different directions. 

But what would a good FPS without an good arsenal and a full and exhaustive list of game modes ?

An arsenal already varied ... and not definitive

Rockets launcher, rockets launcher or rockets launcher ? You'll understand that this is the base weapon. So expect to see missiles flying in all directions! Forget also the idea of hurting a player with the impact ... you will in fact touch directly.

In addition to this, the player will have at its disposal two other weapons (number not definitive). While the railgun may surprise with its speed, the arrow promises to be an essential tool to dislodge the campers / snipers through ballistic shot. Note that for these two weapons, you will be (and remain!) on specific blocks.

The railgun, rocket launcher and a pole

Loads of modes ?

Nadeo has always given players the opportunity to express themselves by giving them access to different tools. We can imagine that many unofficial modes will emerge gradually. Let us however for the moment to those who were presented: Battle and Joust. While Battle is more or less to a traditional domination mode where each team aims to conquer the opposing poles of, Nadeo has given much in the originality with Joust. 

Indeed, this is the premise of 1vs1 fights in medieval jousting. Both participants will start from the same place and will reach a first pole for 5 rockets. And for additional ammunition? Well towards the second pole ... if they still survived at this time! A mode that promises to be quite tactical and energized.

Another point that was brought the success of the Trackmania series it is currently knows: the map editor. 

A copy and paste ... with copy and paste!

The habitues of TrackMania² Canyon will not be surprised because the editor of ShootMania like him at any point ... or almost. We will find the copy and paste as practical. Also note the addition of plugins associated with certain modes to facilitate the creation of maps.

The map editor

Finally ...

ShootMania promises to be a real success! Although many uncertainties remain, this presentation has given us complete confidence in the next big license of Nadeo. Containing the principles which made ??the success of Trackmania, ShootMania has the means to dominate with a gameplay at once accessible but also technical. The map editor and tools delivered to the community promise still more overflowing creativity and an enormous activity. 

Don't drool over it too much ... no release date is scheduled. Same for the Alpha and Beta, no announcement from the French studio. It will throw up other news in the coming days, including Maniaplanet 2.0 will happen soon and the impact that may have ShootMania in eSports. Stay tuned!!

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