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Infernal Movie Contest 5, one of the biggest movie contest in trackmania organized by the team fr.pngRally-Infernal, published the results.

This edition was intended to make a video with a single camera throughout the video (like the trackmania² Canyon Launch Trailer), 6 moviemakers took part in the competition.

The videos have been judged by well known videomakers in the community: fr.pngRevo, fr.pngYrp360 and fr.pngSprint !

The Movies :

Time by DEX :

This is TMUF by Killa ProD. :

Valentine by SiH :

Cam Story by Meuh :

Heavy Rain by Darkpudlle :

Midnight Run by Timae :

Find it on the IMC website (Timae hasn't published his movie)

Find the judges comments on the IMC5 website :

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