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The United League is back and Electronic Tournaments is looking for maps for the map pack.

Rom42 on ET-forum :

"Hello track builders!

ET is thinking about organizing a 9th United league during the spring of 2012. Here is a little summary of what we expect:

  • Maps length should be between 55 seconds and 1'15,
  • Technical style but easier than previous TMU leagues,
  • Rounds/Team mode (no lap-maps).

Please take time to check your map complies with all our criterias :

  • Coppers: The map migh tnot be overloaded with decoration and the copper count must not be too high.
  • Mood: The map must be submitted in Day mood.
  • Cuts : There might be passages, which are too hard, cuttable or  shortcuts which bring too much time.
  • CPs : There might be a problem with a checkpoint. Some jumps after a respawn don't work or you don't have enough speed.
  • Length : The map might be too long or too short for the league you submitted it for.
  • Jumps/Smoothness : Jumps might not be too difficult, too long and speedy or  have random or unsmooth landings. There can be edgy hills or unsmooth ramps. This also includes bugs.
  • Difficulty : The map must not be too easy or too technical, some passages are maybe too difficult.
  • Diversity : The map must not be too boring, have the same corner type everywhere and not be diversified enough while driving.
  • Mode : The map might be in the wrong mode (for example lap map).
  • Fun : Personal opinion: Did the admin have fun on it?
  • Style : Did the admin like the map style? For example too long curves or too narrow hairpins.
  • Originality : Rates the  new ideas in this map.

Don't forget that only 1 map per environment and per author can be selected in the admin pack, thus, you'd better  send us one map of each environment than several of the same.

Send your maps through the upload center you can find on our homepage.

Also, don't hesitate to let us informed if your team want to take part or not, it will enable us to better estimate how many teams we can expect after TM² came out."

Source : http://www.et-generation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=5647&p=83323#p83323

ET website : http://www.et-generation.com/

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