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This 17th alienware has been win by FrostBeule, after owning tm2 one day cup, the Swedish players is back on TMNF and the result is the same !
Once again, it was an amazing tournament, best players was in to fight the prize !

Huby from mX won the TA, just followed by two Acer guy, FrostBeule and the new one, dNs !

After some playoffs match,it's already the semis, in the first, we find TaLa,Carljr,Vini and znik ! And in the other one, FrostBeule,Tween,Huby and dNs !

FrostBeule and Tween go to the final with a nice fight between the Slovak and the German, while Carljr and TaLa also take their place to the grand final after an epic last run with TaLa and znik, only 1 point difference for the Dignitas player!

Here is the grand final ! Carljr was so sick on the first map and takes 21points advantage at the end of this. But it's the comeback time for FrostBeule,only 8 points gap between Carljr and Frostbeule before last map...
The final reached an incredible level on this last map with so many rounds won by 0.02 0.01 or 00.00 !
Frost is simply the best tonight and finally win before last run, well played guys !

  •   se.png Acer.frostBeule 
  •   ca.png D`Intel.CarlJr
  •   de.png D`Intel.TaLa
  • 4th cz.png eSuba.Tween RedBull

5th to 8th

BX3.znik - mX.Huby - Acer.dNs - Acer.Vini !



Alienware#17 !

This saturday, February 4th, another Alienware cup will be played !

Team Dignitas : "We still have a £200 prize divided amongst the top eight players, so that everybody gets a good chance to win some cash! The cup starts at 18:00 CET (Time Attack) followed by the playoffs at 19:00 CET."

Map pool :
  • Cayote
  • Sean Paul 
  • Clash?


Prize :

  • 1st. £60
  • 2nd. £40
  • 3rd. £30
  • 4th. £20
  • 5-8th: £12.5?

How to register ?

You just need to put a comment with some information on this news : Register gogo be fast, there is only 64 slots at the moment !

Source:  Team Dignitas

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