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mX won his first EMS title by defeating Team Dignitas !

gf.png MythiX v uk.png Team Dignitas

1v1 : Artishöw starts very well over MoriaH on St.Tropez, the mX player give the first point to his team, 7/2 !
2v2 : mX seems to be unbeatable on this map, epiK and CiaP
are not worried and win this second submatch 5/1 ! Already 2/0 for mX !
3v3 : Dignitas must win this submatch to continue the match, on their best map probably,Spam,TaLa and DVD against Roa,Arti and Horeni ! Runs are so close and the tricky finish made the show even if
even if the players are not immune to cracking a few meters from the finish! Three times 11/10 score run and mX takes the lead, 5/4, 2 points to the overall win ! Dignitas must come back and won three points in a rowand finally win this map 7/5 ! 2/2 in overall, There will be no draw and everything will be played on 5v5!
5v5 :
The best players are present for the last submatch, KarjeN, Carl Jr., Tala, Spam and Bergie will play for Dignitas, while Huby, Arti, Horen, and kG Ciap play for mX!
The first point was won by Dignitas but it's the mX who will take the lead with four points in a row ! The rounds are as often these days, very tight, the famous 27/28 are out and that is on this score that mX won the match and the EMS, a final score of 6/2 on the 5v5 give them the title ! Congratz !

Team Acer happy ending...

de.png  Team Acer v de.png  Gamed.de

After their second lose against Dignitas in a few weeks, Team Acer finish this EMS season at the 3rd place by defeating Gamed.de 4/0 ! 
3v3 :   On fastlane, Team Acer seems too strong for Gamed.de, fB,nugget and Vini  win this first submatch 6/1 pretty easily ! 2/0 Acer !
5v5 : On Infinite,  the game is tight, both teams go blow for blow up 4/3, the time chosen by Acer to win two rounds in a row and finish the game!

  •   MythiX
  •   Dignitas
  •   Acer

Rta rules the CAP !

Rta won the amateur season against wX ( 5/1 ), they are followed by the french team,Saphire, classed 3rd thanks to a forfeit by BullRacing in small final !

  •   RTA
  •   wX
  •   Saphire

There is no only Play-Offs, Relegations are over too, let's see the winners

  •   711 and se.png Druidz win the Relegations between divisions 2 and 3

  • cz.png Miracle Group and rs.png Wings of speed win the Relegations between divisions 3 and 4

  • rs.png Green baze clan and nl.png Mouse Control 2 win the Relegations between divisions 4 and 5 - A

  • gf.png SAW and es.png E.E win the Relegations between divisions 4 and 5 - B

  • mX reaction after their first ems title : "We are super happy that we have won EMS.
    It was a tough job and after the period we have gone through,
    I think there is no better prize for us than winning
    one of the biggest team tournaments in Trackmania.
    We started out of nowhere after this disappointing STC, where we
    were knocked out by RTA in the 1/4 finals.
    Also we lost some very important players and even our leader
    and founder of the team, Kimi. Understandably all this, made us
    unmotivated and that's why we started the EMS group stage with two
    draws. We recovered after this, and won all matches clear until the
    In this final we had to play team Dignitas. I am sure that most
    people thought, this match would be a walkover for them,
    but it was rather exactly the opposite.
    On the 1vs1 ArtiShöw did a great job (7-2), and also on the 2vs2
    Dignitas didn't have a chance to win because of a great performance
    by Epik and CiaP (5-1).
    The 3vs3 was a lot harder, because the map we had to play on was just
    impossible to do consistent. Nevertheless we gave Dignitas a hard time,
    although it wasn't enough to win the submatch (5-7).
    The score was now 2-2, because the 3vs3 winner became 2 points.
    This meant that the 5vs5 was the deciding map.
    I felt confident, even though Carl jr had the best time on the
    5vs5 map, and KarjeN was playing on Digni-side (according to many people the best player in the world).
    I thought mX was better as a team, and I was right.
    We won the 5vs5 on consistency (6-2). Huby, ArtiShöw and CiaP were really amazing in this 5vs5.
    I want to thank Kimi for supporting us during this EMS, and
    giving us advice for the matches.
    Also I want to thank the whole EMS team, mythiX eSport, and all people who support us.
    Cya next season"


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