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Results :
  • Frostbeule : 100€
  • Arubiano
  • klovni /Tolkie


After a first edition won by Devil, the Zotac cup comes back on the 22th of January! It will be the same format, 1vs1, but the maps won’t be the same.

Pack-map of the Zotax#2:

Like the Zotac cup staff announced, a partnership will be created with the staff of Electronic Tournament, and the maps will be the first round of the TWL1/TNC1. It is a good opportunity for the players to get some more experience on the maps they will players later on.
The maps are:


The registrations are always opened on the Zotac website. Nevertheless a check-in will be a asked on Sunday 22th at 1 pm CET, just one hour before the cup.


They are already some really good player such as :
  • se.pngFrostBeule
  • de.pngDev!L
  • de.pngOnio
  • uk.pngSabre
  • ru.pngLOMZ

With once again a 100 euros for the winner !
Good luck to everyone !

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