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We are approaching
the end, after the semis last night, the grand final will be played on Sunday, 22th at 21.00  between Mythix and Team Dignitas, which are respectively overcame Gamed.de and Team Acer  !

Semis summary

gf.png MythiX
de.png GAMED.DE

After their bad performance during last STC,
Mythix wants to    win this EMS season, but Gamed.de had never lost against them!

1v1 :
On Infinite, Olf against CiaP, two of the fastest players at this moment, this 1o1 sounds good ! CiaP is really impressive at the beginning and leads 6/1 ! Olf
has nothing to lose and give everything to back on the italien mX player till 6/4 but CiaP was too far ahead and finally won this first submatch 7/4 !

2v2 :
Always on infinite, the starts of this 2o2 was so close, after 7 rounds played, only 1-1 ! Then ArtiShöw and Horeni were too fast and won this submatch 5/1 ! 2/0 mX !

3v3 : St.Tropez is the next map, German team must win this map, if not, it's over !
Unfortunately, mX starts very well and leads 4/0 ! Gamed.de try to coming back once again but mX was too strong and finally won 7/2 ! mX in final !

Team GAMED.DE  0 - 4  Team MythiX

de.png Team Acer
v uk.png Team Dignitas

 The clash between the two best teams would finally have places! 3 months after a  STC final lost by Acer, the hour of revenge had come!
1v1 : 
On Infinite, FrostBeule and Bergie begin this 1v1, FrostBeule directly takes the lead and almost never fail , he won this submatch 7 / 2 with as usual, a sick regular  !

2v2 : Still on Infinite, CarlJr and Mandioka against Vini and g00x, the Dignitas team quickly took first rounds led by  a CarlJr onfire, Some draw later , Dignitas won this submatch 5/1 and the two teams are tied, 1 - 1 !

3v3 : On St.tropez, after a break of 10minuts to wait players, FrostBeule,Nugget and Vini are better than the Dignitas's lineUp on this map, they won this submatch 7/4 and leads 3/1 in overall !

5v5 :  On FastLane, Dignitas must win this submatch if they don't want to lose, and Dignitas starts very well by leading 4/2, at theis moment, Acer decides to make a comeback and scores three rounds in a row, 5/4 Acer, but dignitas  scores three rounds in a row too and won 7 / 5! Here we come ! Decider map !

5o5 Decider : As expected, the game is so close and once again, there is a decider map ! We are back on Infinite and rounds are so close, Dignitas overcomes the pressure and  win this last map 7/5 ! An amazing game to begin 2012 ! GG !

Team Acer  3 - 4  Team Dignitas

Third place match

 The competition is not over for both teams defeated in the semis, they will compete for third place!
Acer seems more impressive
but perhaps they will be tired of training, and if GAMED.DE plays with his complete LineUp, they had a chance to win !

de.png Team Acer v de.png GAMED.DE

Saturday, 21.00

Grand final

Dignitas just won STC and no doubts they are able to win again one of the two best team competition !
Mythix lost in the final last season, they want to win this time !

Statement Dignitas :

 Bergie : "Finally we managed to make it to the EMS final, and we intend on going out victorious. I respect Mythix for what they have achieved in the past, and with their renewing of the squad after Kimi quit, they have something big going on. Nevertheless I believe in my boys and I do believe I have a hungry team that's been eagerly waiting for this opportunity, so I hope we'll be able to take a close victory. Like I said before the semifinals: Let's hope this wont be a boring 4-0 ;) GLHF and gogo like a wild one!"

Statement MythiX :

Micro, team captain :"Here we are, after a bad period, losing Kimi, the founder of the 402-team, and doing a bad performance in STC,
MythiX.tm finally seems to be recovering, by beating team eNigma and @Gamed.de with 4-0 in the EMS-Playoffs and reaching the final.
I am proud that we have reached it for the 2nd time in a row. Especially because it wasn't easy in the beginning.
We began with two draws in the group stage against team Infused and dac-SP (3-3).
Luckily we woke up just in time. The next confrontations with these teams were won by mX with clear figures: 6-0.

After an exciting match in the other Semi-final, team Dignitas turns out to be our opponent in the final.
Dignitas surely gained a lot of self confidence by winning STC and beating acer in the semi-final, and it's our job to break this confidence by showing them some impressive driving.
Dignitas has a great team and an even greater status in Trackmania, being one of the oldest professional teams.
Only for this reason it's amazing that we have never lost a match against them so far, and this statistic might give us the little extra motivation and confidence we need to beat them.
This match might be even more exciting than the semi-final between team Acer and team Dignitas, and of course I truly hope that we are going to win it.

mX is really motivated and we can't wait to play this final.
I want to thank everyone who has been supporting us in this EMS, and I hope you will also support us in the final.

May the best team win, glhf"

gf.png MythiX v uk.png Team Dignitas

Sunday, 21.00

And you, who will you bet?

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