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A two news in one today just comes ! Indeed, the trackmania eNigma team left the organisation, after just over two months in colaboration with the British multigaming, their new name : Team  BX3 ! At the same time, the NoG team , who are known in TM2, including winning the TWL0: PlayOffs tree, also joins Team BX3 giving a dimension to the team on the TrackMania world!
The team captain of our new team, Peter "znik" Skarstein wrote down some of their plans for the team. Read below.


"This project with BX3 started already before christmas, but it was after our last ESL Major Series match with Team eNigma that we decided to create something new. The first idea was to move our current TrackMania Nations FOrever (TMNF) over to TrackMania 2 (TM2) in hope for better chances and new adventures. With this idea in our minds, we contacted a well established TM2 team called NoG. This team consisted of great players and had already won the first big league from Electronic Tournaments called TrackMania World League 0. We decided to fuse, and in addition to the NoG team some of our former TMNF players will join the new adventures in TM2. However, we will still be competing in TMNF with the majority of the players from former Team eNigma. We have great hopes for this project consisting of TM2 players and TMNF players categorized as one, Team BX3 TrackMania (


Since we are covering both games in one team, the amount of players will be higher than what you are used to see in order to actively perform in both games. Some of the players will participate in both games. The roster is big, and giving an introduction to all these players would take too much time, but worth mentioning is "20-100"; Captain of the French national team in TM2. Also worth mentioning is "klovni"; currently voted as the best TM2 player by Fragster. With Team eNigmas recent top 5 placement in ESL Major Series IX TMNF, there will be an exciting future in BX3 with both online, and hopefully some LAN-attandance."


Here is our current roster:


Management (5)

  • de.png  Marius "Marius89" Wenke
  • it.png  Gianluca "Figos" Longhi
  • no.png  Nicklas "Fuskern" Høisveen
  • no.png  Peter "znik" Skarstein
  • no.png  Kristoffer "TinTin" Somby
Players (18)
  • gp.png  Vincent "20-100" Hadre
  • gp.png  Clèment "Clemouf" Massicot
  • gp.png  Jonathan "Kryw" Nobre
  • fi.png  Kasperi "klovni" Aaltonen
  • fi.png  Jere "jerhi" Hämäläinen
  • fi.png  Mathias azina" Barsk
  • de.png  Moritz "pranksta" Lottig
  • de.png  Fabian "ChillerSide" Schroer
  • it.png  Andrea "Extreme" Benedetti
  • it.png  Phillipe "Remix" Alves
  • cl.png  Christian "Solid" Lopez
  • lt.png  Irmantas "B1ts" Liepis
  • cz.png  Frantisek "NeO" Filac
  • pt.png  Andrè "Chaos" Oliveira
  • pt.png  Rafael "wh1sper" Ramos
  • pt.png  Rodrigo "battou" Morais
  • se.png  Stefan "BlackCat" Hellström
  • tr.png  Emre"Respect Gezer

You can find more informations here : Team BX3

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