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Round of 16 :

Cannabis Cup advance now to the Round of 16 this week and we were able to attend the first game last Sunday, where fr.pngKronos and fr.pngSeXX were qualified to the quarter final. This match was so tight because we saw three players in finalist mode. By the way, it's the end of the road for fr.pngTeka and fr.pngKlaw who did what they can during this match. Congratz to them and thank you for this superb end game.

Tonight, the second round of 16 is scheduled at 8pm and it will face off : fr.pngzo0m, fr.pngtouB, fr.pngloic and fr.pngdavcro. So, we have two players known in offline french events and two players a little more discreet but with big level too. Let's see hat this match gonna reserve for us !!

You can follow this match LIVE on the Grr !! WebTV. It will be the first show for this new WebTV with Trackmania lives, Starcraft II stuff and League Of Legends too. Anyway, we wait you all tonight to support players and shoutcasters !

Link : Grr !! WebTV



TimeAttack Results :

After 3 days of Time Attack to assign seeds but also for the qualification, the playoffs begin next Sunday.

In the results of TimeAttack we find in the 16 seeded names more known as ca.png Wally from BB team,fr.png Clem, pt.pngWhisper,lt.png Bits from team BX3, or fr.png Zoom from the french team...

But the main source of satisfaction certainly goes to the team Saphire who placing six of his players in this top 16 with the No.1 seed for the leader, Snaky.

The other good performance to notice are from Loïc, an impact player who takes the second place, Cobrask from Insight also did well by reach the 5th place and just behind him, congratulation to fr.pngLinkou, fr.pngLogix et fr.pngCAP!

TA Classification : http://cannabiscup-tmnf.xooit.fr/t5-Classement.htm

PlayOffs tree : http://cannabiscup-tmnf.xooit.fr/t124-Tableau-Play-Offs.htm


The season is definitely in the splendor competitions, ddp decided to create a new tournament solo, the CC!

1/ What is the Cannabic Cup? 

Quite simply, this is a solo competition that will include a total of 64 players on the cup mode. First, you will have a qualification in Time Attack and then make the slots. There will be a new step for each packmap of 3 maps to be played in an order that will be defined in advance by the admins.

2/ The tournament

The tournament will run from 09/02/2012 to 25/03/2012 one month and sixteen days. Meanwhile, there will be a qualification in Time Attack, and then the finals from the 1/16 to the final. For each match, there will be four players who will have to compete. Only the top two from each group will qualify.

3/ Registrations 

Registration is already open. Participation is 500 coppers per player. For the registration to be validated, you will need to pay the login "mistouflon" and so your registration will be taken into account.

4/ Prize

Here are the details of these prizes :

1st: TAG GOLD + 20.000 coppers
2nd: TAG SILVER + 15.000 coppers
3rd: TAG BRONZE + 10.000 coppers
4th: 5000 coppers

The cagnotes will increase with the donations.

5/ They need maps ! 

In order not to limit your creativity and let you fully exploit your talents, the rules are not restrictive.

  •   Style: Tech
  •  Duration: 35s - 50s
  •  Hexadecimal: authorized
  •  Name: "$i$bf0CC$ccc#$bf01 $ccc- $XXXName of your map" [XXX being the color of your choice] 
  •  Map never published and never played in any competition before

How to participate?
To enter, simply send an email with your design attached to the following address: coree34 [@] Live.fr.
 The deadline for sending the maps is set for Thursday, February 2 at 21:00 cet !

All tracks not meeting the above conditions or received after the deadline
will not be accepted.

The mappers will also be rewarded with 1000 coppers selected map! In your editors!

6/ Link for more informations 

to go on website : http://cannabiscup-tmnf.xooit.fr/index.php

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