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While the slots were complete in less than a week, the TMM staff decided to increase the number of places to 96!
In addition, has agreed to sponsor TMM by hosting the 2 official TMM servers, both with 100 slots + Xaseco v1.14. generously also spiced up the prize table with the following:
  • 1st: 1 x 80 slots TMNF server for 4 months
  • 2nd: 1 x 60 slots TMNF server for 3 months
  • 3rd: 1 x 40 slots TMNF server for 2 months
  • 4th: 1 x 20 slots TMNF server for 1 month

After the recent success of lastest season, TMM is back for a new team cup session !
This years cup will register up to 64 teams ! Be ready !

The starts of the tournament is programmed current February.

Last event
  • Solo'11   : Nugget
  • Team'11 : Team Acer
  • Team Cup 4 vs 4
  • Length: approx 10 weeks
  • Team Mode (Rounds)
  • 1 match a week
  • 3 new maps every other week
  • Map Style: Tech and Speed tech maps
  • Map length: ~ 35-50s
Important news

Participant fee: 2.000 coppers/team. Delivered to account (hotrods united acc): schirocco
Note: leave a message what team you paid for.

Confirmation of payment will be announced for each team before cup starts.

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