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After a great show, Dev!L is the first Zotac winner and takes the 100€ prize !
More than 54 players were to go for this first Zotac edition in TM2, it's not as much as expectations but isn't that bad for a first !
In this epic final, Dev!L beat FrostBeule on the Best of 3 and becomes the first Zotac winner !
Sabre and LOMZ followed on the podium respectively beaten by frostBeule and Dev!L

Zotac#1 :
  • Dev!L
  •   FrostBeule 
  •   Sabre & LOMZ 

We will find the ZOTAC next week, with new tracks !


Good news for gamers hungry for competition, the Zotac Cup appeared on Trackmania Canyon.

Already present and recognized on Starcraft II and Warcraft III, the Zotac Cup is a weekly competition organized by the computer supplier of the same name that offers to the winner the tidy sum of €100.

The first edition will be held Sunday, January 15 at  14h00.

Registration is already open to gold and the site of the Zotac

Map-pool of the first edition :
  • Addiction by Doctore
  • The Damned by Maxaardenburg
  • B14 by Nadeo
Download the packmap here.

Organizers of the Zotac has also indicated that a partnership would be done with the admins of Electronic Tournaments (including the TWL) for the selection of maps. This suggests that the maps will be those selected for the rounds of the TWL.

Favorites :
  • se.pngFrosbeule
  • fi.pngKlovni
  • de.pngOnio
  • be.pngLaurens
  • fi.pngJehri
  • de.pngLucario
  • de.pngTolkie

Only drawback,
the 1v1 format for now requires players to organize themselves to create or find servers or play their games. Hopefully this problem will quickly find its solution.

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