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Purification made a tribute to the Trackmania game in a video that is indeed very pleasant to look at.

TM-Actu: Hi Purification, can you introduce yourself?
Purification: Hi Trackmaniacs! I am Purification, aka TMPurification ig. I am 16 years old. I've been playing Trackmania for five years now. I began to experiment with the mediatracker three years ago.

What pushed ??you in the universe of mediatracking?
I began with the rail camera in Trackmania Sunrise. Then I continued onto Trackmania Forever. The mediatracker is a very cult tool, allows me to create very close-up shots of the car. I want to push it in its extreme limits, make shots that no one saw or made before. In fact, my cameras and I have a specific and unique objective: pushing the game into its absolute realism.
How long di you need to get this result?
Approximately a few months. In order to create plans as I have made in my video " TrackMania Forever - The Tribute ", I had to imagine them corresponding to the music I had chosen, and I really needed time to achieve that. I usually make a few cutscenes to improve my mediatracker, and also to help me creating tutorials afterwards.
Did you have difficulties of any kind?
The cameras of TrackMania² are, to me, close to perfection despite a few excess movements that I did not wish to make. It is this small difficulty that us, trackmaniac video directors, are having almost all the time.
Where did the idea to create this video come from?
It is thanks to a music by Audiomachine. It is very peaceful, and can make you see and imagine a lot of things. It is thanks to this music, both melancholic and imaginative, that I was able to create this tribute video to TrackMania Forever.
 Are you satisfied of the result?

Do you have other projects now?
At the moment, I have no projects. I continue to do some work on my cutscenes, with more close-ups. It is my philosophy to say at the last moment in the middle of the night that one of my new videos is ready to being released on the Web.
 Can you list the software(s) you used?
For the moment I am still on my old softwares ^^: Sony Vegas 7.0, Adobe After Effects CS4 and lastly Fruity Loops 9.0 for my music compositions. I am in discovery with Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11, Logo Maker.
 Thank you for dedicating your time to TM-Actu, any last words? 
A big thank you for those who follow me presently on YouTube, for those who like my videos. A big shoutout to all Trackmaniacs, particularly to Sprint for his talent and to my "fans"; and a happy new year in advance. I promise a lot more car close-ups next year ^^.

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