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"freXtensive! team is proud to announce the brand new arrival in the new Trackmania LineUp which will be articulated around the French Vice Champion of Trackmania :  fr YoYo.

So who's that player? He is one of the best players of the French Trackmania scene : Nicolas "frSertyMurcia. He reached the top level in 2010 as he succeeded in the French National Cup (3rd) and also in the Gamers Assembly (3rd). He stopped Trackmania but decided to come back in the eXtensive! team in the high level with his great friend YoYo.

Serty is the first of a lot of talented players who will join eXtensive! which is looking for application for the new TM team. Other players will be announced soon.

eXtensive! frGaby
eXtensive's TM manager"

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