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As we said in a previous article, play-offs of Alternate TM2 Pro League started last week. Review of all matches by TM-Actu!


at.png Smety 1 - 2 Figos it.png

After a puffing groupstage, Figos (NoG) met Smety (gamed!de) who made a perfect in his 3 last matches. But the Italian player showed another level in this close match. Indeed, Figos took the best start and won the first map (7-3) but Smety equalized by taking away the second map (3-7). In a very close last map, Figos won (5-3) and will play next play-offs round.

de.png Marius89 2 - 0 Darkbringer de.png

As his team mate from gamed!de, Darkbringer lost against Marius89. Player of NoG won easily (7-3 ; 7-1).

de.png Norman 2 - 0 Gerd de.png  (VOD)

Many people were waiting for this match between two top german players. But in this match, the best was Norman from Lik3d. He won 2-0 (7-3 ; 7-3) and Gerd (gamed!de) couldn't resist a lot. If you want, a VOD is available.

de.png shaDow 2 - 0 DeviL de.png (VOD)

No surprise in this last match with shaDow's victory against DeviL. After a nice first map (7-4), DeviL couldn't resist and lost (7-2). There is also a VOD for this match!

  • de.png Marius89 vs it.png Figos : 24/11/11 at 20:30
  • de.png shaDow vs de.png Norman : 24/11/11 at 21:15

Play-offs tree

1/4 Final
1/2 Final Final

de.png Marius89 2

de.png Darkbringer 0

  de.png Marius89

  it.png Figos 

at.png Smety 1

it.png Figos 2




de.png Norman 2

de.png Gerd 0

de.png Norman

de.png shaDow

de.png shaDow 2

de.png Devil 0


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