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After sk.png Slovakia's victory and Drapeau fr.png France's defwin, these two nations met in Winner Bracket Final! Review of this interesting match by TM-Actu.

Match of the week

   2  -  1   

First map : Slovakia is here!

Match started on multilap. And in this game, Slovakia showed a great level and regularity. French players could do nothing and lost this map 5-0! Perfect start for Slovakia ... and an easy victory ?
sk.png Slovakia 5 - 0 France Drapeau fr.png

Second map : So close!

After the first map, France couldn't afford to make a new mistake. Mistake : this is indeed a great word to describe the second map. Indeed, we saw many errors from two teams ... and even though a close map!
Even if France won the first rounds, Slovakia responded and the two teams were tied. France took a little advantage ... but Slovakia was near again. At this moment, tOto showed his skill and made an incredible run where he exploded the WR (around -0.2s)! He put the France in a good mood ... and motivated them even more, which resulted in the winning of the map.
sk.png Slovakia 5 - 7 France Drapeau fr.png

Third map : WTF WallBang ?!?

After a Nations Cup not really interesting, these two teams offered a great entertainement to the spectators! This match was about to be decided on the last map! But ... why was this stupid wallbang there?! France seemed better on this map and they won but this match definitely didn't need a random part like this... that kinda ruined the mood of this close final.
Anyway, French players are in Grand Final again! If Sweden or Germany don't show more skill than in the previous rounds, Slovakia will probably have a chance to take its revenge in Grand Final. Finally, this Nations Cup 7 becomes interesting!
sk.png Slovakia 2 - 7 France Drapeau fr.png


Drapeau fr.png tRkr (captain) :
"We expected to play a quite hard match and it finally was. To loose 0/5 on the first track with, in my opinion, the best possible line up (carl rapt yoyo toto roa) was difficult to accept: I personally really didn't expect that.

But I am really proud of my guys, after being disapointed, they managed to reach their best level at the second map which was the most important because we knew that we trained a lot on "Elixir" and definitely thought we would win on it. tOto's world record gave us a higher motivation to finish the match when we reached 5/5.

As a result, we won without playing the best match we could but job is done. Congratulations to our Slovakian friends."

NC7 Winner Bracket

Relegation Round
1/4 Final
1/2 Final Final
Grand Final
de.png Germany ?

es.png Spain ?
de.png Germany 2

se.png Sweden 1

    de.png Germany 1

    sk.png Slovakia 2

sk.png Slovakia 2

be.png Belgium 2
be.png Belgium 0

nl.png Netherlands 1

sk.png Slovakia 1

Drapeau fr.png France 2
 Drapeau fr.png France


ca.png Canada 0

pl.png Poland 2
pl.png Poland 0

no.png Norway 3

no.png Norway 0

Drapeau fr.png France 2

Drapeau fr.png France 2

fi.png Finland 1
hu.png Hungary 0

hu.png Hungary 2


NC7 Loser Bracket

1/4 Final 1/2 Final Final Grand Final
hu.png Hungary 2

pl.png Poland 0
de.png Germany 2

hu.png Hungary 0

sk.png Slovakia

de.png Germany

se.png Sweden

no.png Norway 0
se.png Sweden 2
se.png Sweden 2

be.png Belgium 0


source : NC7

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