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We know the winner of this Stadium Teams Championship 8 ... and it's uk.png Team Dignitas! They won against de.png Team Acer in a nice final (5-1 ; 7-6). Match detail, statements and VOD, you will know everything about this final with TM-Actu!

STC8's Final

    0 - 2     

Team Acer                 Team Dignitas

Match in detail

First map : Karjen makes the difference
  • Acer line-up :it.png B3pp0, se.png Frostbeule, de.png g00x, pl.png nugget, fr.png wells
  • Dignitas line-up :se.png Karjen, pt.png Mandioka, pt.png Moriah, fi.png Insane, de.png Razor

Match started on multilap map. Even if Karjen was not in offline events since 2 years, he remains one of the best TMNF players! And he makes the show on this first map. Indeed, he won the first five rounds and Dignitas could won 5-0 without a fail of Mandioka. But Dignitas won this first map logically (5-1).

Second map : So close!
  • Acer line-up : se.png Frostbeule, de.png g00x, pl.png nugget, pl.png Shief, nl.png Tamarillo
  • Dignitas line-up : no.png Bergie, pt.png DVD, se.png Karjen fi.png Insane, de.png Razor

It's a close start on this map with 2-2 even if Acer seems better. With Karjen like a ghost on this map and regularity problem for others, Dignitas had many difficulties to score ... so Acer took advantage (5-2) logically. But players of german multigaming made many mistakes too. Even if they led to the score (6-4), Dignitas realized a great come-back to push Acer in a decisive round!

In this last run, nugget and Frostbeule were in the lead and for the Acer's victory on this map ... but in the last "jump", nugget took a big risk (put a wheel on the edge) and crash with a bug! Unbelievable, with this mistake, Dignitas won this map (7-6) and is the new STC Champion!


 no.png Bergie (Dignitas) :
"For centuries (Vampire Diaries ftw), I have been searching for a team that one day would rule the TMNF-world. Well I think I have found it. By winning STC8 we surely have gotten a big motivation boost headed into other tournaments such as EMS. I am so proud of my teammates for our victory, and they deserve it so much after we have been knocked out in the quarter - or semifinals in the previous
tournaments. This means a lot to us, especially me, as I have never won a team tournament before and now I finally did it. The final was hyped to be one of the best ever, however I think none of the teams really played up to their reputations. First map was a clear win for us, but atleast the second map was very intense!
I want to finish this off by giving a big thanks to our management in Team Dignitas, for their continuous support even when we havent performed well as a team for a very long time. Dignitas fighting!"

nl.png JWH (Acer) :
"Finally we reached the final of the STC to claim the trophy we have never managed to grab so far. After a great year we were quite confident that we could have been able to take this home. However Dignitas brought their A-game too!
 The first map went easily to Dignitas, but that was somewhat expected and we hoped we could anticipate that loss.
 Though we did not expect to go down that hard. The second map though we pulled it together and took quite a convincing lead. But we failed to finish it off and Dignitas were able to comeback and arguably their experience finished it off in the end. Looking at the player scores on the 2nd map, it is hard to believe it didn't go in our favour, but the reality proves otherwise.
 All in all we are not too dissapointed. Ofcourse we missed out on this oppertunity but we've had a great run going to the final. Congratulations to Dignitas who also had a great run through the STC. Hoping for a rematch next year!"

VOD available in 780p!

You can watch again this STC8 final with this VOD in HD by Mythix.TV. Have fun !

Source : SCT8 website

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