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This thirteenth Video Of The Week highlights a skill movie, but do not worry, the cam 2 view is not used a lot!

This realization by fx.png Speedde.png Team Acer moviemaker, retraces the past few months marked by an almost perfect success of the Acer squad in all competitions they have participated in! From EMS to TmT without forgetting TMMde.png Team Acer won it all and they will play tonight against gb.png Dignitas to possibly achieve an incredible "4 in a row" by winning STC8!

Team Acer - A New Tale ! 

Music : 
  • Celldweller - The Lucky One Instrumental (Chapter 3 Wish Upon A Blackstar)
Team de.png Acer line up : 
  • it.png B3pp0'92
  • se.png frostBeule
  • de.png g00x
  • lu.png JWH
  • be.png Korre
  • po.png nugget
  • at.png PeZi
  • cz.png Sandro
  • be.png Sani0
  • po.png shief
  • lu.png Tamarillo
  • fr.png wells


TM-Actu : Hi Speedzor, can you introduce yourself ?
Speedzor : Hi tmActu, my name is Antoine, I am 17 years old and I live in Nièvre next to Nevers. I am in last year of highschool. My nickname is Speedzor and I am currently in Team Acer as a moviemaker.

You just release a video for team acer, are you happy with your work ?
Yeah, I like the result even if I could have improved some texts and cams. But I find the overall movie enough rythmic and pleasant to look, so I'm happy. I tried to do a simple video, in order to show the skill of those outstanding players, and I have also worked a lot on synchronization.

Will you work on other videos soon ?
Yes, I have some other videos to make, one on the ESWC 2011 records, one on BB.Wold (a very good norvegian player) and maybe a video of Acer @ STC.

Thank you for the interview, good luck with you're next video!
Thanks tmActu and good luck in the future!

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