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After a year with RG-Esports, TrackMania team led by  no.png Znik decide to left RG into a English multigaming, gb.png Team eNigma !
The reason for this moves between the last STC and EMS is due to a problem faced by RG who could no longer financially support the last STC8 semi-finalist team !

, this structure welcomes a Dirt section since it was already part of the RG-Esports adventures  !

The first 
 event for Tech squad for this new team will be the ESL Major Series Season 9 starting in a week!
First statement of one of the leading on Team eNigma's website

"Unfortunately for us, RG-Esports was not able to support us any more. Therefor we made a choice to join Team eNigma in hope for a better possibility of support and future goals. We look forward to represent this new upgoing team and will always try to keep our motivation and performance at top level. Thanks for accepting us and supporting us at such short notice!

A look at new Line-Ups of these two squads :


  • Norway Nicklas 'Fuskern' Høisveen (Leader)
  • Norway Peter 'znik' Skarstein (Leader)
  • Finland Matias 'azina' Barsk
  • Portugal Rafael 'wh1sper' Ramos
  • Italy Andrea 'Extreme' Benedetti
  • Germany Fabian 'ChillerSide' Schroer
  • Turkey Emre 'Respect' Gezer
  • Slovak Republic František 'NeO' Filiac
  • Italy Phillipe 'Remix' Alves
  • Poland Tomasz 'Bob' Zgoba
  • France Clément 'Clemouf' Massicot
  • France Ludovic 'Ludo' Marquet


  • Norway TinTin (Leader)
  • Norway DeS 
  • Belgium Lemy 
  • Germany mc.joey
  • Germany shadow 
  • Germany Zik 
  • France Epik

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