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STC8 1/4 Finals, who's gonna have a place in the last four?

de.png Acer  se.png Replica: Even if de.png Acer was favourite, se.png Replica showed up with a trained team, hoping to make the giant fall. Unfortunately, the german team led by an amazing se.png FrostBeule was simply unbeatable, the match was over in 20 minutes, with a helpless and frustrated Swedish team. The final score is really severe as se.png Replica did a good match though with several rounds in 28/27 and 29/26. 7/0 7/0 de.png Acer.

cz.png eSuba vs eu.png RAGE: cz.png eSuba decided not to train since sk.png tween and sk.png HakkiJr were at the ESWC and couldn't train for this match. One-way match then, finished in 30 minutes, 7/0 7/1 for eu.png RAGE.

uk.png Dignitas vs fr.png Saphire: fr.png Saphire is the little one of these quarter-finals, and as its players said:
fr.png Frenchy: we are going to suffer here
fr.png Snaky: nvm we came here for that ^^
Indeed, with se.png KarjeN doing a new world record on the multilap during the warm-up (-0.06 on the previous WR), the French guys were going to suffer.
First map easily won by uk.png Dignitas with a se.png KarjeN on fire, second map same thing until 5/0 for uk.png Dignitas, even if the fr.png Saphire players were just behind them. Then, se.png KarjeN stopped to be consistent in 54.95 (like a bot), and fr.png Saphire took the opportunity to score some rounds, but they eventually lost 7/3 with a close 28/27 in the last round for the British multigaming.
Final score: 5/0 7/3.

eu.png RtA vs fr.png mX: First big surprise of this STC! Yeepee! eu.png RtA is definitely one of the raising team of the year, they managed to overcome the fr.png mythiX obstacle, which everyone was seeing in semi-final at least.
Final score: 2/7 7/4 5/2 for eu.png RtA.
Comment of fr.png Kimi:
"I want to congratulate eu.png RtA for their victory because they truly deserve it since they have been really motivated since the beginning of the competition. Sure we were stronger on the paper but in this game skill is not enough, motivation is much more important. Our team is not as motivated as it was a while ago, I think since the last STC.
Last EMS were pretty hard even if we got the second place, we were far from being at 100%. This season we tried to start easy to find the motivation after, but once again, train was not enough, plus several players who don't play, I knew it was going to be complicated.
We did well on the first map but the second one was a disaster whereas we were really trained on it, I think everything went wrong... I have a lot of responsibility on it since I'm not motivated anymore, that's why I'm retiring at the end of this STC, given that I already freed my place as French captain in Nations Cup.
I thank all the players who were in fr.png mX and fr.png 402 and I hope the team is going to go through this, because there's a lot of good players! gl to eu.png RtA against uk.png Dignitas :)."

Only one tight match, pity isn't it? But now, in semi-final, everything is possible! eu.png RAGE is going to train like hell, like eu.png RtA, to prove they are not here to spec their own matches. de.png Acer and uk.png Dignitas are warned!

Number of teams by country in 1/16 Final: 6 fr.png, 5 de.png, 3 eu.png, 2 br.png, 2 fi.png, 2 pl.png, 2 no.png, 2 uk.png, 2 cz.png, 2 pt.png, 1 se.png, 1 nl.png, 1 es.png, 1 sk.png
Number of teams by country in 1/8 Final: 4 fr.png, 3 de.png, 2 eu.png, 2 uk.png, 1 fi.png, 1 no.png, 1 cz.png, 1 se.png, 1 pt.png
Number of teams by country in 1/4 Final: 2 eu.png, 2 fr.png, 1 de.png, 1 uk.png, 1 cz.png, 1 se.png
Number of teams by country in 1/2 Final: 2 eu.png, 1 de.png, 1 uk.png

STC8 Play-offs tree 

1/4 1/2 Final 
de.png YDK| 0

de.png Team Acer 3

  de.png Team Acer 3
  fr.png 3DMAX 0
de.png dacSP [2] 0
fr.png 3DMAX 3
de.png Team Acer 2
se.png Replica 0
br.png TNT 0
no.png Lions 3
  se.png Replica 2
  no.png Lions 0
se.png Replica 2
fr.png Gang of Drivers 0

de.png Team Acer  

eu.png RG-Esports  
cz.png eSuba 2  
pl.png MaDrivers 0
  de.png eXclamation! 0
  cz.png eSuba 2
de.png eXclamation! 2
fr.png Insight Gaming 0        
cz.png eSuba 0
eu.png RG-Esports 2
br.png 711 1
de.png dacSP [1] 2    
  de.png dacSP [1] 1
  eu.png RG-Esports 2
pl.png Extremalne ciotki 0  

eu.png RG-Esports 2



pt.png nGt Gaming 0  

uk.png Team Dignitas 3

  uk.png Team Dignitas 2
  uk.png Infused 0
uk.png Infused 2    
no.png [GL] 0
uk.png Team Dignitas 2
fr.png Saphire 0
fi.png DFF 1
fr.png Saphire 2
  fr.png Saphire 3
  pt.png v-FX.advanced 0
pt.png v-FX.advanced 2
cz.png eEriness 0  

uk.png Team Dignitas  

eu.png Rule Them All  
eu.png Rule Them All 3
es.png Fanatics 0  
  eu.png Rule Them All 3
  fi.png UMF 0
sk.png wX by crew.sk 1      
fi.png UMF 2
eu.png Rule Them All 2
fr.png mythiX eSports 1
nl.png Mouse Control 0
fr.png Mistral.Tt 2    
  fr.png Mistral.Tt 0
  fr.png mythiX eSports 3
eu.png A New Era 0

fr.png mythiX eSports 3  


Relegation round, which country managed to go in play-offs of this Nations Cup 7?

de.png GER vs es.png ESP
Since the results and match comments were deleted from the STC website, we just know that Germany won this match.

be.png BEL vs nl.png NED
Yeepeee! Another big surprise here, with be.png Belgium winning against nl.png Netherlands, the 3d country last year! We, again, don't know what happened, if be.png Belgium was over-trained or nl.png Netherlands notrained? Anyway, it was tight but be.png Korre and his teammates did the impossible and won 2/1.
Final score: 3/7 7/3 5/3 for be.png Belgium.

ca.png CAN vs pl.png POL
pl.png Poland didn't give any chance to ca.png Canada here. Nevertheless, it was a really great performance of ca.png Canada to reach this relegation round.
Final score: 5/2 7/2 for pl.png Poland.

fi.png FI vs hu.png HUN
The most balanced match of this relegation round, with a slight advantage to hu.png Hungary, but we know that fi.png Finland has a good potential too.
Indeed, the match was really tight, with one map for each side which led to a decider map. It must have been a really great fight since hu.png Hungary won only 7/5 here!
Final score: 5/2 3/7 7/5 for hu.png Hungary.

NC6 Winner Bracket

Relegation Round
1/4 Final
1/2 Final Final
Grand Final
de.png Germany ?

es.png Spain ?
de.png Germany

se.png Sweden



sk.png Slovakia

be.png Belgium 2
be.png Belgium

nl.png Netherlands 1





ca.png Canada 0

pl.png Poland 2
pl.png Poland

no.png Norway

Drapeau fr.png France

fi.png Finland 1
hu.png Hungary

hu.png Hungary 2


NC6 Loser Bracket

1/4 Final 1/2 Final Final Grand Final



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