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More information about the timetable, maps... in page 2!

just released a statement yesterday to announce the new season of the Competiton Amateur Premiership, what we expected since they have done the same for the EMS a few days ago.

You can now sign-up for this CAP8 here , don't think about it too much, you only have until 26th October, 23.59 CEST!

The ESL admins didn't show a list of the teams qualified in each division, they just wrote about the teams which didn't take part in the last CAP season:
"Every team that didn't play the last season, will be put into the lowest league automatically.
If you think though, that your team should play in a higher division, you have to write a wildcard in form of a Support Ticket. There you have to describe why your team should be allowed to play in a higher league. For example list some achievements of your team/single players, show how you performed in the recent tournaments etc. Don't forget to add your homepage! Use "Wildcard CAP - *your wished League*" as title.
Also the Admins will take a look at the ladders and other tournaments, to get a better overview of the special teamskills!"

Restrictions for the Competition Amateur Premiership
  • Your line-up has to be fixed on 30th October, the account will be locked on 31st October.
  • Only three transfers are allowed while the season is running. To request a transfer, write a Support Ticket, depending your premiership.
  • A player can't participate in both CPA and EMS.
  • If a player left a CAP/EMS team after the 30th October, he is not allowed to play for any other CAP/EMS team during this season.
  • As a consequence, you can only add players in your team who didn't drive the actual CAP/EMS season.
  • You need a separate account for your team participating in the league, to allow ESL admins to lock your account as previously said. Example here.
  • Amount of players per Division:
    • 1st Division: ESL Major Series (special Rules)
    • 2nd Division: at least 6 and maximum 13 players in your team (+2 managers)
    • 3rd Division: at least 6 and maximum 16 players in your team (+2 managers)
    • 4th Division: at least 6 and maximum 21 players in your team
    • 5th Division: at least 6 and maximum 23 players in your team
    • a homepage entered
    • uploaded team logo in your teamsheet

Important note: even if you try to qualify for the EMS, you should still sign up your team for the CAP. Because then, in case you don't manage to qualify for the EMS, you will automatically drive the CAP instead!

As it was said on the ESL website: "More information (timetables, structures, mappools etc.) will follow soon. Stay tuned!"

Source: ESL

As we usually had to wait at least one week between the different ESL announcements, slowly detailling the timetable, maps, rules... it's surprisingly (and really great) today that they released a news about the timetable, the submatch structure and... the MAPS!

Okay, stop going crazy and let's review all the information in a proper order before training these maps for nothing.

  • The first mappack released is going to be played for the 3 EMS Qualification Cups ONLY.
  • The second mappack (maps D, E, F) will be released the 30th of October.
  • The third mappack (maps G, H, I) will be released the 20th of November.
  • The fourth (and last) mappack (maps K, L, M, yeah there is no J and we don't know why either) will be released the 11th of December.

CAP Maps schedule
Playday 1on1 & 2on2 3on3 5on5
1 - 06/11
D (Mappack 2) E
2 - 13/11
3 - 20/11
4 - 27/11
G (Mappack 3) H I
5 - 04/12
6 - 11/12
7 - 18/12
K (Mappack 4)
Relegation: January 2012
Mappack 4

3 mappacks to train in a one month and a half competition, with one match per week. As you noticed, 7 playdays = 8 teams per group.

EMS Maps schedule
Playday 1on1 & 2on2 3on3 5on5
Group Drawing - 05/11

1 - 13/11
D(Mappack 2)
2 - 20/11
3 - 27/11
4 - 04/12
G (Mappack 3)
5 - 11/12
6 - 18/12
Playoffs: January 2012
Mappack 4

The EMS teams are luckier than those in CAP with only 2 mappacks to train, and one month of competition.

Submatch structure

1on1: Up to 7 points, 1 match point, map A
2on2: Up to 5 points, 1 match point, map A
3on3: Up to 7 points, 2 match points, map B
5on5: Up to 7 points, 2 match points, map C

Source: ESL

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