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STC8 play-offs started this monday, let's see if the teams were more motivated!

de.png Acer vs de.png YDK|: As one could have expected, easy-win for Acer: 7/0 7/3 5/4. de.png YDK| Scrapie: no heart at last map :((

fr.png 3DMAX vs de.png dacSP[2]: the German team showed up with 4 players notrained and decided to defwin.

no.png Lions vs br.png TNT: br.png TNT players had difficulties to connect to the server because of their TMNF account, they weren't enough then and decided to defwin too. no.png Lions waited half an hour for them, for nothing.

se.png Replica vs fr.png gOd: Two fr.png gOd players last-minute cancelled, so it was even easier for se.png Replica to win this match: 5/0 7/1.

cz.png eSuba vs pl.png MD: Except on one map, cz.png eSuba made a quick work: 7/0 7/5 5/0.

de.png ! vs fr.png Insight: First map for de.png eXclamation! 7/2, and then the French team decided to level-up and almost won the second map... Too bad for them, the Germans were better this day: 7/2 7/6.

de.png dacSP[1] vs br.png 711: Tough match with a decider map (first time this evening): 5/0 4/7 7/4 for de.png dacSP.

pl.png Ec' vs eu.png RAGE: eu.png RAGE lived up to expectations with a 7/4 7/0.

pt.png nGt vs uk.png Dignitas: Defwin for uk.png Dignitas, not enough players from pt.png nGt.

uk.png Infused vs no.png GL: Maybe one of the most balanced match on paper... and in reality: 7/4 7/6 for uk.png Infused, no.png GL was very close to play a decider map which could have changed everything.

fi.png DFF vs fr.png Saphire: fi.png DFF started very well the match with a 5/0 on the multilap! But the French team wasn't here to merely filling in the blanks and won the two other maps 7/5 7/2. Intense fight on the second map where both teams did everything they could! 0/5 7/5 7/2 for fr.png Saphire.

pt.png adv vs cz.png eE: pt.png Advance slaughtered cz.png eEriness: 5/0 7/0.

de.png RtA vs es.png Fanatics: One-way match: 7/1 7/0 5/0 for de.png RtA.

sk.png wX vs fi.png UMF: fi.png UMF didn't manage to resist against the best Slovakian team: 7/5 5/2 7/2 for sk.png wX. But an unfortunate (and stupid) mistake from sk.png wX gave the victory to fi.png UMF. Gamble (STC Admin): "Due to rules ( ) first two maps which player sk.png buragyn played without entered account (I can see he entered it now, but I've checked it right after the match end and it wasn't there) are def wins for fi.png UMF. Sad, but rules are rules =\ I have already notified sk.png Robi about this thing."
Final score: 7/0 5/0 2/7 for fi.png UMF. fi.png Micasso: Such a horrible way to lose, and obviously not how we wanted to win. :(

nl.png mCon vs fr.png Mistral: 4 players of nl.png mCon on soccer training on monday = 7/0 7/0 for fr.png Mistral.

fr.png mX vs eu.png ANE: As we expected a very easy victory of fr.png mX, eu.png ANE players made the show by holding up strongly against the French team: 5/4 7/2 7/4 for fr.png mX. Congrats to eu.png ANE who didn't just sit back and see, or even worse, defwin.

Only 4 "second-of-its-group" teams: fi.png UMF, de.png dacSP[1], fr.png 3DMAX, uk.png Infused managed to defeat a "first-of-its-group" team, respectively sk.png wX, br.png 711, de.png dacSP[2], no.png GL. For the 12 other matches, the hierarchy had been respected.

Number of teams by country in 1/16 Final: 6 fr.png, 5 de.png, 3 eu.png, 2 br.png, 2 fi.png, 2 pl.png, 2 no.png, 2 uk.png, 2 cz.png, 2 pt.png, 1 se.png, 1 nl.png, 1 es.png, 1 sk.png
Number of teams by country in 1/8 Final: 4 fr.png, 3 de.png, 2 eu.png, 2 uk.png, 1 fi.png, 1 no.png, 1 cz.png, 1 se.png, 1 pt.png

STC8 Play-offs tree 

1/4 1/2 Final 
de.png You Dont Know Me 0

de.png Team Acer 3





  de.png Team Acer  
  fr.png 3DMAX  


de.png dacSP [2] 0
fr.png 3DMAX 3






br.png TNT 0
no.png Lions 3


  se.png Replica E-Sports    
  no.png Lions    


se.png Replica E-Sports 2
fr.png Gang of Drivers 0






cz.png eSuba 2  
pl.png MaDrivers 0


  de.png eXclamation!      
  cz.png eSuba      


de.png eXclamation! 2
fr.png Insight Gaming 0        






br.png 711 1
de.png dacSP [1] 2    


  de.png dacSP [1]  
  eu.png RG-Esports  




pl.png Extremalne ciotki 0  

eu.png RG-Esports 2







pt.png nGt Gaming 0  

uk.png Team Dignitas 3





  uk.png Team Dignitas  
  uk.png Infused.Tt eSports  


uk.png Infused.Tt eSports 2    
no.png 0






fi.png DFF 1
fr.png Saphire 2


  fr.png Saphire      
  pt.png v-FX.advanced      


pt.png v-FX.advanced 2
cz.png eEriness 0  






eu.png Rule Them All 3
es.png Fanatics 0  


  eu.png Rule Them All    
  fi.png UMF    


sk.png wX by 1      
fi.png UMF 2






nl.png Mouse Control 0
fr.png Mistral.Tt 2    


  fr.png Mistral.Tt
  fr.png mythiX eSports  




eu.png A New Era 0

fr.png mythiX eSports 3  


Fourth round of this Nations Cup 7!

Group 1
Rank Country Team Points +/- Played
1 de.png Germany 6
+20 3
fr.png France 5
+24 2
be.png Belgium 2
br.png Brasil 1
x x
x x
Ghost x

br.png BRA vs be.png BEL: Match for the third place of the group, synonymous with qualification. After being inexistant on the multilap, 5/0 for br.png Brasil, be.png Belgium showed its true level and won easily 7/1 7/2 against a weak Brasilian team. Final score: 0/5 7/1 7/2 for be.png Belgium.

Except if a miracle happens for be.png Belgium against fr.png France in the last playday, the final result of this group is: 1st fr.png France, 2nd de.png Germany, 3d be.png Belgium, 4th br.png Brasil. The elemination of br.png Brasil by be.png Belgium is a big surprise here.

Group 2
Rank Country Team Points +/- Played
1 pl.png Poland 9
sk.png Slovakia 7
fi.png Finland 4
cz.png Czech Republic 4
5 at.png Austria 0 -63 4

fi.png FI vs pl.png PL: pl.png Poland didn't loose a single map in this group and stopped fi.png Finland in its good run. The Finnish guys showed a too heterogeneous level to be able to take a map. 7/3 5/1 7/2 for pl.png Poland.

at.png AUT vs sk.png SVK: Defwin for sk.png Slovakia.

The last playday is going to be so interesting! First with pl.png Poland vs sk.png Slovakia, where the duo sk.png tween / sk.png HakkiJr will have to be on fire to win 3/0 if they want the 1st place. We don't think that pl.png nugget, pl.png nothing and co will let them do that. Then with fi.png Finland vs cz.png Czech Republic, the match for the 3d place.

Group 3
Rank Country Team Points +/- Played
1 nl.png Netherlands 10
+43 4
2 no.png Norway 7
it.png Italy 6
es.png Spain 1
lt.png Lithuania 0

no.png NOR vs lt.png LT: Defwin for no.png Norway.

it.png ITA vs nl.png NED: Defwin for nl.png Netherlands.

Very interesting playday here, not much to say...
Next week, it.png Italy vs no.png Norway will decide which team is going to be second and third. no.png Bergie's team just has to take one map and they are sure to finish second. They even can finish first if they won 3/0 with a +6 round difference! But, let's be honest, it's highly unlikely to happen.

Group 4
Rank Country Team Points +/- Played
1 se.png Sweden 9
+41 4
hu.png Hungary 9
ru.png Russia 4
ca.png Canada 2
-15 3
ee.png Estonia 0

ee.png EE vs ru.png RUS: ru.png Russia didn't let a chance to give its first point to ee.png Estonia: 7/3 5/0 7/2.

se.png SWE vs hu.png HUN: hu.png Hungary decided to train just the minimum for this match, knowing that they are sure to finish second and didn't hope to win against se.png Sweden: 7/0 7/3 5/0

se.png Sweden vs ru.png Russia and ca.png Canada vs ee.png Estonia next week. ca.png Canada has to win 3/0 and hope ru.png Russia is going to lose 3/0 or 2/1 with a big rounds difference.

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