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The last and third Qualification Cup was supposed to take place last saturday, but only three teams registered and thanks to the retirement of one of the previously qualified teams, they are all qualified: nl.png Mouse Control, ru.png National Racing Club and it.png racers. We highly doubt that the italian team is going to participate in the EMS, and we are not so confident that all the teams qualified by these Qualification Cups will pay for the Premium Account.
Anyway, we can't say yet and we hope it will not be the case.

To sum up, here are the teams officially qualified for the EMS IX (one retired but we don't know which one):
  • Team Acer
  • MythiX eSport.Premiership
  • Virtual-Effect.Adv
  • Team Dignitas
  • Team GAMED.DE
  • Paranoids DarkTeam
  • RG-Esports
  • Underground Motorsport of FIN
  • 3DMAX.Thermaltake
  • SL-Communis
  • Team Infused.Tt eSPORTS
  • StrinG
  • dac-SP
  • GamersLeague
  • Mouse Control
  • National Racing Club
  • racers

  • The second Qualification Cup took place last saturday, completely anonymously because of the ESWC. Only 4 teams this time... And congratulations to de.png dacSP and no.png [GL] which earned their place for the EMS.

    The first Qualification Cup took place today, only 6 teams signed-up: pt.png nGt, eu.png T9, cl.png String, de.png dacSP, gb.png Infused  and nl.png mCon (only the last four were really trained).

    Finally, gb.png Infused won the Winner Final 7/0 4/7 7/4 against cl.png String, and cl.png String won the Loser Final against de.png dacSP 7/1 2/7 7/2.

    We now have our first two qualified teams for the EMS: gb.png Infused and cl.png String, a Chilean team we have never heard of. Let's see if they are going to pay for the Premium Account.

    We hope that the qualification of cl.png String will increase the general attention around these Cups, every team has its chance!

    New season of the EMS means new teams. That's why three EMS Qualification Cups are organized by the ESL Staff, with two qualifier spots in each Cup!

    Cups info

    Usual check-in-system
    • Phase 1 - Reservation (Green)
    If you want to qualify for the EMS, sign up with your team!
    • Phase 2 - Confirmation (Yellow)
    This takes place 30 minutes before the cup starts. Every team with a reserved slot from Phase 1 is now able to confirm parcitipation in the cup. Beware: you only have 10 minutes for this.
    • Phase 3 - Signup (Red)
    Didn't get a slot in Phase 1? This is your very last chance to sign up now!

    • 16 Slots Double Elimination (can be extended)
    • 4on4 Mode
    • Up to 7 points in Team Mode
    • Bo1
    • 1/2 Final and Final in Bo3
    • Click here to download the 3 maps that will be driven in ALL the Qualification Cups

    • Min 4 players / Max 10 players during the Qualification Cup
    • ESL Premium is required for every Player at the beginning of the groupstage
    • The team has to exist of exactly 10 players (+ 2 exchange possibilities during the season / before the playoffs) during the EMS

    • Open to every team
    • If you qualify and retire (because you don't want to pay the Premium Account for every player for instance), you will not be able to play Competition Amateur Premiership anymore (rule for teams AND players in the team)
    • Players aren't able to change the team when they have qualified with one team in the EMS

    Next to the qualification Cups, 10 teams got the right to sign up for the EMS directly, without qualifications! Due to their great results at the last EMS/CAP, the following teams got that right:

  • Team Acer
  • MythiX eSport.Premiership
  • Virtual-Effect.Adv
  • Team Dignitas
  • Team GAMED.DE
  • Paranoids DarkTeam
  • RG-Esports
  • Underground Motorsport of FIN
  • 3DMAX.Thermaltake
  • SL-Communis

  • Note: If one or more of these teams won't sign up for the EMS, then more than 2 teams will get a spot in the 3rd qualification Cup!

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