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Team ALTERNATE will host its 5th TM² cup this thursday! Grab a team mate and get ready to race!
Here's the news from their website:

" Thursdays is ALTERNATE Day. We remain true to our slogan and offer you an exciting cup with a slightly changed mappack next Thursday. For the first time you, the community, will have the chance to decide, which two maps have to leave the map pool again. How does it work? It's so easy! When you play on our ALTERNATE Thursday Series server in Germany -> Hamburg, use the Track Karma (++ for the map / -- against the map). Our admins will check the votes by Wednesday and eliminate the two tracks with the worst Karma.

In our next cup, all friends of team sports will completely get their money worth. We're the only platform that offers you a 2on2 cup in Trackmania² Canyon. This time we have prizes for you again! In partnership with Hsf-Clanwars we'll give out 2 tickets for the Trackmania Community LAN in Frankenberg for the winning team. If you don't want/need the tickets, you can pass them on to other players who are interested. For further information about the LAN please take a look at "related links". Additionally each player of the winning team will get a copy of the PC-Game DIRT 3. But first of all here are the winners of the last cup! Congratulations.


  •  1.MoOpYy
  • 2. Marius89
  • 3. ShaDoW/Andy



The Cup (Start: 19.30 CET) will be played in 2on2 mode on 2 maps per round until 5 points. Since every round counts there may be draw results. In this case a decider map will be chosen via alimination. The winning Team starts to eliminate a map from the remaining mappack. This procedure is repeated until there's only one map left.
If you have good ideas for cups or maps, you can send them via mail to trackmania@team-alternate. We're open for new things the community wants and so we'd like to get in touch with you and discuss your suggestions. So don't be shy. Help us improve your fun.


If you want to participate, post your nickname, login and email address in the news comments as usual. The check-in will be open from Thursday 00.00 CET. Every player who wants a slot has to confirm his/her attendance in the comments, too. Your presence in our IRC channel #attax @ QuakeNet is mandatory so we're able to share information with you and help you with eventual problems more  quickly. The servers will be provided by us again, so you can focus on playing. It's recommended that you take screenshots at the end of every map if there are any complications or discrepancies. We wish all our contestants good luck and much fun!


  • 1st Round 19.30 CET : addiction, ALTERNATE pr0fless
  • 2nd Round 20.15 CET : Mosaics, Razors Edge
  • 3rd Round 21.00 CET : Midnight Stars, Drive
  • Final 21.45 CET : Razors Edge, Mosaics


Just leave a comment and sign up now! Don´t forget to add your nick, login and a valid email-adress."

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