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 The de.png Team Alternate is going to host their 3rd TM² Cup. "3rd" ? Yes. The first 2 tournaments were only for german people, just to see how it grows and how the people are reacting.

On Modlap maps

Anyways, this cup will be a Laps-Competition. All registered players will fight on 1 Server for 1 hour, on 1 map, which is pricely picked by the Admins. The event will take place on September the 22th (Thursday), starting  at 20.00CET on the "ALTERNATE-Laps" Server.

There will also be a Time Attack warmup phase, which lasts 5 minutes. The competition will start right after the warmup phase.


To sign up for this event, just post a comment on the website of the Team Alternate.

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