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"Finally the next big step of the TrackMania series is done. From Wednesday on we will again experience the fun and adrenaline of racing stunning cars on sensational tracks with TrackMania 2 Canyon. We are launching VERSUS for TrackMania 2 immediately, so you will quickly find matching opponents to enjoy exciting races"

Indeed, ESL has launched Versus for TM² Canyon, since yesterday. So you will be able to play 1on1 on Nadeo tracks, and find opponents for a heads up, at any time of the day (and the night of course).

What's Versus?

Versus is a new feature of ESL website that allow you to seek and find players on several games like TMNF and now TM² Canyon. Just check the links at the end of the news.

  • Mode: Team mode 1on1
  • Rounds: 5
  • Warm ups: At least 1
  • MapPack: Nadeo A12, B14, D03, D06, D12 and E01

For all that want tech and competition maps, ESL has chosen these maps so as to be as simple as possible, to let all casual gamers have a chance to win some games and have some fun... Hard competition is of course a priority for ESL, but this is not a priority for the Versus system.  

Verus and all information

So here we go guys, just prepare for war! Increase your Versus level by beating all your oponents and become the unbeatable, the almighty, the Great big one!

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