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de.png Team Acer won against cz.png eSuba (7-0, 7-4, 7-2) and defended the title! Good Game.

Here is the long awaited final of the TmT! cz.png eSuba and de.png Team Acer will clash tonight at 20:30! Don't miss out!

Trailer by Snaky

English Stream:
German Stream:

cz.png eSuba and de.png Team Acer made it to the grand final!

cz.png eSuba vs. se.png Replica (7-2 / 7-1)
de.png Team Acer vs. de.png RtA (7-6 / 7-6 / 7-5)



de.png Acer vs. de.png RtA :: tmtp://#spectate=taxi_relay

We're almost there! Here are the last matches of the TmT before the grand final!

Sunday 04-09-2011

cz.png eSuba vs. se.png Replica(20:00 CET)
de.png Team Acer vs. de.png RtA (21:00 CET)

Let's look more closely at the top 4 of this year's edition of the TmT.

de.png Team Acer didn't had problems to rise to the semi-finals, as they have not lost a single map since the beginning of the competition. The champion from the last edition (formerly known as gb.png YoYoTech) will be keen on keeping its title, but will have to be fast against the super-motivated team de.png RtA.

de.png Rule Them All. The name says it all. This team has shown great results in previous competitions (24H Race Summer 2011, TMM, ESL CAP) and is ultra motivated to raise its level to the top of the scene. After eliminating eu.png Rage and cz.png  wX we can be sure they will not give an easy game to the german multigaming.

The powerful Czech team made it to the semi-finals, defeating br.png 711. With its fast and experienced players, cz.png eSuba is a serious title contender.

se.png Replica reached the semi-finals in a nice way, showing their great form, winning against fr.png Oxygen and gb.png Infused.Tt. They will do their best to face cz.png eSuba and get a place in final.

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