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Up 06/09/11

Hello guys, now you can register your team for STC8 and your country for NC7 until Monday 12th 23.59 CET
Also, you need at least 7 players to be able to participe at the competition, while maximum is 16 for NC7
You can add players until the 18th of September.

Use "My participation" button into the left side of the website

Go !


ET's choice

Heyo guys, no we aren't joking, but the next STC/NC will start very soon. As ESL decided to start the TM tourney only in November (October for qualifications), E.T was forced to take a decision; before or after. And they finally decided to start it as soon as possible...


But let's take a look on the E.T statement by our super ru.png Gamby

"We are really glad to announce that your favorite tournaments Stadium Team Championship 8 and Nations Cup 7 will start really soon! Sites to register will be open shortly, but so far dates for first rounds are 18th and 19th of September which means first mappack on 11th"

New rules

"Rules will mainly stay the same, but we want to point out a few changes:
- Multilaps will be played!
- There will be no break between group stage and play-offs
- Combining of TMNF teams is not allowed anymore (having a couple of guest players is ok though)"


Also, we need maps of course! You can send them using upload module on our site http://www.et-generation.com/ (deadline 20th september), here are a few tips about changes in maps rules:
- This year maximum of maps picked per author is 1 solo map + 1 duo map!
- Yes, Multilaps are back! So we need them too - length is from 1.10 up to 1.20, 2 or 3 laps.

More informations

"Wait for more news and expect tournaments sites to be opened soon:

Good luck and have fun to all future participants!"

So who will take the succession of gp.png Ubitox and se.png Sweden? The answer in november...

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