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"Yet another blockmixing tool has arrived: TMUnlimiter. Instead of reimplementing track loading and editing like has been done up to now, this tool actually patches the official, ingame track editor and removes the block placement limitations. This means that you can effectively make blocks overlap, place ground-only blocks in the air, etc... directly from the same editor you use to create the rest of your track!"

Features :
  • Place blocks so that they partially or completely overlap
  • Place ground-only blocks in the air and air-only blocks on the ground
  • Oversize tracks: customize the size of the building area, enlarging it up to 256x256! (See the readme in the download for more information)
  • New in 0.4: place blocks from *all* environments in your track! (Note that you also need to run TMUnlimiter for playing tracks that use this)

"TMUnlimiter patches your game in-memory; no files on your harddrive are modified. However, it will only work for TMUF and TMNF; also it will only work on the retail version, Steam versions are not supported. Also, it was written targeting the current version of the game (2.11.26) and will probably keep working for a few versions, but... don't count on it working forever."

As usual, the tool is open source.

Download TMUnlimiter 0.4.1 :
VS2010 runtime : (install if you get an error about msvcr100.dll) :
Source code : (C++, VS2010) :

Usage : Simply extract the archive to your TMUF/TMNF folder, and run the exe.

Source :  by arc_

Presentation video by Shortz

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