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Mini Tech Tournament comes back with its second edition! This tournament was a great succes last year with the victory of fr.png 3DMAX against uk.png Infused in 2010.

New year, new rules!

Previously like a classical tournament (groupstage and play-offs), Mini Tech Tournament 2 will be like an ESL Premiership now. So, you can find different divisions:
  • League 1 : 1 group
  • League 2 : 2 groups
  • League 3 : 2 groups

  • 40.000 coppers
  • 20.000 coppers
  • 10.000 coppers
Registration and rules

You can sign-up, it's just necessary to have 1.000 coppers and a team with 12 players (max). You can register your team here.

To know all about rules and this tournament, just visit this page.

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