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ET organized its first Trackmania² Canyon since people can pre-order and play to the game. 27 teams (3 players in each team) had sign-up to play this one day cup. This cup was played in two step. Firstly, a goupstage with 8 groups. And the best team of each group was qualified for Final !

Finaly, eu.png NOG wins this cup in a great final where they won all maps ! eu.png nodata takes the second place and eu.png YS-YP finish third.

Final Ranking
  • eu.png NOG (pranksta, figos, marius89)
  •  eu.png nodata (Kryw, Sabre, tRkr)
  • eu.png YS-TP (Vexyde, Feanor, Roadster)

Source : ET website

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