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Once again we are lucky enough to interview one of the top players in the scene. This time it’s the danish player Serbi! Serbi is part of Team expert, that recently has arrived the scene with two top teams. We’ll ask Serbi about his new team, his old team acer, thoughts about the STC final, online events and the upcoming Mixed Short Hunt event.

Let's see what he has to say:


Hello Serbi! For people who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?

Hey! I’m Thomas, 18 years old and from Denmark. I have been playing Trackmania for around 5-6 years now, and I’m currently playing for Team expert Orange.

You were part of the old Team Acer, but then the news came one day that they had left the scene. What did go through your head then? Do you wanna keep playing with your buddies from Team Acer, look for a new team or even leave Trackmania?

It was of course a huge shock and as well at first a big motivation killer. But as we started talking about keep playing as Waterbottle, the motivation came back. All thoughts about joining a new team, leaving tm etc, of course popped up, but it was only very shortly, Because I couldn’t see myself playing in any other team at that time or even leaving the game, neither can I now.

Now you are part of the strongest organization in Trackmania, Team expert. Does this give you new motivation to accomplish things, both as a team and as a solo player?

That’s for sure! I’ve got more motivation than ever right now, both team-wise but also solo. Haven’t reached my goals in the "solo" category yet, so I hope I can participate in some upcoming tournaments. In our team we are doing our absolute best at the moment, which I really enjoy everything about.


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