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Hello everyone !
Welcome onto a fresh tech team TrackMania tournament organized by eXeS with 400e of cashprize ! This competition will be organized in 3 phases : Qualifications which will help us for seedings, Groupstages and Playoffs with new features (Double Elimination system,Pick&Ban phase). Enough teasing, you will learn more about the process next week when the registrations will open !
As everyone knows, each TM competition needs its own maps and that's why we open the map contribution now. Please read deliberately the mapping rules and respect it as much as possible.

For this first edition, our map testing staff will be composed by :

  • fr Skadi 
  • gb Pac 
  • fr Tirli 
  • hr Sorrow
  • fr PunKy 
  • fr 5ant9 
  • fr cLM 
  • de Shorty
They are ready and motivated to test your maps. So bring out your editor, build your best map(s) ever and make this competition even more amazing.
For further information about this and the ruleset for the map contribution, refer to Maps section where you’ll be able to find everything you need or join us on the Discord of the competition.
The deadline to send your maps is on 16th of November. The registrations will open the Saturday 22nd of October at 14:00.

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