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If you want to submit your maps for the second edition of The Nest, here are general instructions how to do it. Also, check out the changed line-up of participants. 

Map rules

- Symmetric style (picture and video below)
- Players will have minimal amount of time to learn the maps. Do not make them too difficult
- Tech
- Length 55 - 60 sec
- Day mode
- ESL Titlepack allowed
- Each author can only send 1 map
- Keep the scenery on a normal level
- Use signs in critical or blind turns
- Be as creative as possible
- Sponsor banners and other promotional objects will be added to your map if selected
- Your map will be renamed to The Nest #2 - your name 

Send your maps to until 11th of August


Symmetric means that left and right side of the map is 100% equal. Each round, player A goes to the right and player B to the left. Then, they change. You can also check out a VOD of last year´s grand-final. 

Players update 

Because of some players dropped out, we changed the amount of players to 12. Here is a list of 11 participants. 

  • *aAa* Massa
  • *aAa* Cocow
  • MnM Habi
  • MnM ReVolution
  • MnM XXRider
  • dignitas/Bren
  • eSuba.tween
  • PkD// Kappa
  • waterB.Racehans
  • euronics.Marius89
  • euronics.Shorty

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#1 by wormi on 2016-07-25 at 21:07
rip diggys
#2 by Marius89 on 2016-07-27 at 14:23
I gonna miss the offroad parts, which the maps had last season.

btw, the players are surely not allowed to build anything? :D

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