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up 10/08/11

As we can see, you liked very much our first gampelay video ! So, TM-Actu presents an ohter gameplay video ... just for you !

This is from today that Nadeo allowed players of Beta 2 to disclose screens, videos or comments about Trackmania ² Canyon!

On this occasion, TM-Actu decided to go out on a daily basis all the details about the upcoming Nadeo game which is also the first piece of Maniaplanet. From gameplay to graphics through the mapping editor, you'll learn all about the TM² !

And d'ont forget that you can win Beta 2 Key at the end of this article ! Have fun !

TrackMania² Canyon : Gameplay !

We start with the big piece: gameplay! Completely original for some, mix between old different environments for others, everyone will be his decision. One thing is sure, majority of participants is conquered by his gameplay very intuitive to casual gamers ... but also by its depth and accuracy which promises spectacular matches!

But a video is better than any long speeches and our Videomaker fr.png Sky create a video with a mix of runs on what is the best maps at the moment !

Béta-players statements !

In order to have a very wide range of opinions, TM-Actu went to receive feedback from beta testers from different backgrounds. TMUF, TMNF or big fans of esport, they have entrusted to us.

fr.png tRkr :
"As a player Nations, I find the gameplay much more rich and technical.
Almost every turn is based on the drift, some can be very, very long while hugging the walls on small roads, it gives an effect Fast and Furious and it's really fun.
One small tap on the brakes enough to make the car oversteer from the drift is then maintained only with the direction: the accuracy of the drift is a very important part in this new opus.
But I think that it will be difficult for keyboards players in the future because they suffer from a lack of precision on many trajectories. Joystick seems to me the best accessory to do big time (I think particularly bumpy road blocks when cornering hard to negotiate and important because it is necessary to attack)"

fr.png Kryw :
"Gameplay that seems heavy and soft on videos, but it's just the contrary once you play on tech maps. Canyon reveals its charm with a drift easier to initiate but much harder to master in all road types are available with a lock and cons that can drive you crazy beginners, short tear his race Canyon> TMUF!"

no.png SiH :
"The gameplay was very hard at the start, but when i got used to it, i liked it very much. The sliding works very well around the corners, and i like that. I really love the optical damage that plays very well to the very easy crashing gameplay. Watching the car parts fell of my car is priceless."

fr.png jonthekiller? :
"At first , gameplay seems easy but to make big time, take time to control the drift, especially on narrow roads where it is very hard. As against the wallhit is rare because the car reacts badly, it's done for this to be avoided as much as possible even though on some maps it will wallhits but not often."

fr.png Hayabusa :
"Gameplay of TM² is really innovating. As a "tmn player", I appreciated to see that drifts were a part of the game, they were pretty long mostly so I find this game really fun to play. The fact that we often fall into the canyon will make the game really exciting during matches instead of TMN where they were no-risks to be out."

fr.png Panoramix :
"J'attendais avec impatience de pouvoir tester ce nouvel environnement. Et après quelques heures, je suis assez déçu : par le gameplay, trop bourrin à mon gout, et par le comportement de la voiture, qui ne me donne pas l'impression de jouer à TM :/"

no.png Claes :
"It's like a weird mix of stadium and desert with a dash of coast"

fr.png Phenomega :
"I must admit I was one of the "confused" having seen the videos during the DreamHack for example. But the game under the eyes, pad in hand, is totally different. In the first few minutes I struggled to capture the subtleties of the gameplay, it was only after playing a few hours that I really realized the depth, the power and potential of TM². In the end I end up with a TM totally different from what I have played for several years, but that's good, I do not think a 7th in the line of others enviro would have been enough to fully immerse myself. Canyon made ??me rediscover the feeling I had when I started on TM, I love it!

fr.png Sky :
"The gameplay is really powerful, many factors come into play on the physics of the car, rather easy to take in hand the first time, but to do good lap times it will play more than that!"

Win a Béta 2 key !

In addition to our tournament on Facebook, there's another way to win your key Beta 2:
  • Find 3 logos in the video above. Write times when you see it and send it at this mail (with your TM-Actu login) : gondolin2@hotmail.fr! Deadline and drawing : Monday at 20:00 !

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