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After many weeks of Opening Cups and with the official mappack being finished, we at Paragon are happy to introduce Paragon League Chase Cups with a prizepool of 105€ every week. The first cup will start on Wednesday, 4th November at 20:00 CET, and the signup is already open here. The following cups will be held every week at the same time.

The mappack is as follows:

AlternativeCurrent by dMw-AC
Wicked Game by sorrowcroatia
Ententeich by waldfee
Blank by mdpoint-xT
Democratized by
tWister by Ze-Rax
Inter.mittent by AR »rex.race
Impulse by AlexUSA
Aluckylucky by laxx

In a match, you and your opponent will choose what maps to play by vetoing them. The system is automatized and easy to use. You can download the whole mappack here.

The 105€ will be distributed to the Top3:

1st place: 60€
2nd place: 30€
3rd place: 15€

If you're new to Chase, it's quite simple:

The mode is played in 3v3. The last player of your team to pass a checkpoint must pass the next checkpoint first to complete a relay. Doing a relay correctly will give your team 1 point, while failing relays won't give any points at all.

A team can win a round in two ways: either your team manages to build a gap of 3 points to the other team – in other words, your team has momentarily done 3 more correct relays than the opponent. If this does not happen and the point difference stays below 3, the first player to finish 5 laps will win the round for his/her team. The first team to win 3 rounds wins the map.

You can check out some of the games casted by frostBeule here. There is also a wonderful announcement trailer made by riolu here!

All of the Paragon League cups are played in a double elimination format. The upper bracket matches will be BO3 (with the exception of the first round) while the lower bracket is BO1. Finals are BO3.

You can find links to the rules as well as other information on the cup page. You can create your team by clicking on "Teams" on the top of the website and choosing "Create Team". Then simply link your team to your friends and ask them to join! The rest of the cups can be found at:

Any team is welcome! See you there!


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