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The 24 Hours of Dirt, organized by europeanunion Infinity-Gamers staff, makes their comeback for the 7th Edition! Remember, 6 months ago we saw the victory of fr Pulse-Gaming #1 (Bepino, Fire, Gulboy, Space & Marvin13) in team-ranking ahead of TEAM-FOX & TEAM NWT, and a nice performance from fr Furax who won the solo-ranking, who will succeed them ?

Way of the race

This famous event, always expected by the community, is back to offer you a beautiful nightmare! Rules and modalities haven't changed, to participate, you just have to register a team of 1 to 6 players (here). The race will be launched on October 24th at 3:00pm CEST and finished the next day on 3:00pm CEST. You will drive on an unique track, made by fr Chuck and specially selected for the cup. The race will be "connected" with the real time : Changes of mods (Day, Sunset, Night, Sunrise, Day) according to the real hours for a better experience. You can take or give the relay to a team-mate when you want, where you want on the track, and without limits. This tournament is a real challenge for players who wants win it, but it's also a very nice experience for teams who just wants to finish it. At the moment 23 teams are already registered, join them for this epic battle !

Train session before the race

In order to offer you a nice cup, the staff will organize a session of train the day before the real race. This prac' evening will be organized October 23rd from 8pm CEST to 11pm CEST. Apart from this date, it will not be possible to drive the map before the event, be here!

What's new ?

The plugin used for the race still the fr Maverick's one. The previous features like CPs on the overlay, CPs refreshed in spec, take the relay by yourself, countdown, etc are of course always here.

The real new thing is that all the race will be broadcasted in live on the french WebTV fr MDL (monde du loisir). Follow the race on the following link here.


REGISTRATIONS => www.24h.infinity-gamers.org


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