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It's time to release the ESWC 2015 Trackmania² Stadium qualifier mappack, we received more than 60 maps (it's a record). The mappack will be used for the EU qualifiers and Norwegian qualifier.

Thanks to all mappers for their creativity and enthusiasm about this competition! 

More details about the EUROPEAN qualifiers tonight

Trackmania² Stadium Mappack:

ESWC - Blizzard by

ESWC - Čus (ft.Kappa) by skesuba.tween

ESWC - Kraniç by demero_ace

ESWC - Matangi by dklocobuddha

ESWC - Unstoppable by trmdpoint.xt




The map pack will be used for:

  • ESWC 2015 European Qualifiers
  • Norwegian qualifier
  • TBA

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#1 by LoCoBuDDha on 2015-09-09 at 18:19
Map update for Matangi and not Mantangi ;) :D

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