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The Qualification phase for USC has begun after some problems with the TMUF Master Servers we finally have lift off!
The maps for the qualification phase have been sourced from GC5-11.
  • Coast: GC5-CSI by Vautour
  • Desert: GC6 Psychological Romance by Wurzel
  • Bay: GC7-Simple&Rapide by RamiroJr
  • Snow: GC8-Filters by 20-100
  • Stadium: GC9-Serenity by Marius89
  • Rally: GC10-Skapth by Wormi
  • Island- GC11-During The Time by ZoZor
Finish all maps in order to qualify, those with the top 64 total time’s will advance to the playoff phase.
You can join the server Here
As a reminder we are still accepting maps until August 29th Hope to see you all soon,


USC is a project devised by Furax and I with the help of fellow admins Sky and Marius89. The aim of USC is to be a subsitute to GC13 in its absence and act as this summer’s united solo championship.
The system works as follows:
  • 2 Weeks of TA qualifying on 7 maps (1 per envi) from the previous GC''s in order to establish playoff seedings.
  • 1 week of playoffs , where 4 servers of 16 compete for the 16 places in the finals(4 per server)
  • Those 16 will qualify to the grand final where first place will be crowned CHAMPION
For the first order business, we need maps from you.
  • Mode: rounds (start to finish race).
  • Length: between 45s and 55s.
  • Coppers: less than 2500.
  • Difficulty: less than UL, “league style” and try to avoid blind passages or confusing crossroads! Take care of tight passages at the start with the Cars ON feature.
  • Checkpoints: around 10s with a respawn.
  • Obstacles: take care of holes, poles, tolls, green containers, wood jumps (except if it is used as layout)   or any other weird things you can add on the road.
  • no cuts, no bugs.
  • Please Submit at USC-<name>
Maps can be submitted Here : http://usc.mecteam.eu/submit-maps/
  • August 6th- Map Submissions Open
  • August 22nd- Qualification Mappack Released
  • August 29th- Map Submissions Close
  • September 5th- Play-Off Mappack Released
  • September 12th- Play-Offs
  • September 20th- Grand Final

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#1 by M1nuit on 2015-08-23 at 22:14
10/10 cup would play again :^]

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