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Begrip, who used to have a Trackmania team long time ago has returned to competitive TrackMania scene. The old multigaming organization, that used to have players such as se Jesper "KarjeN" Karjalainen or at Peter "PeZi" Strele, recruited some players from the old BX3 lineup but also from Back 2 Business, iGn, acorn and also some newer faces to competitive scene.

What makes the comeback of the organization even cooler is that nz Ryan "Yam" Murray, who also used to play in the old lineup, has returned to Trackmania, but as you see from the lineup below he isn't the only old player in team. Moreover, old Druidz captain se Christoffer "hedeN" Hedenström has returned to lead the team with cz Martin "miLmy" Macek, who has lately been known as FOCUSON player.

Bergip.tm2 now consists of:

miLmy, hedeN, Yam, bAp, Noviso, wally, Slink, wh1sper, Battou, s-jay, Genesis, Sani0, Pünky

On their fresh Facebook page, Begrip statet the following:

As you guys know, because u are visiting this page at the moment. We gladly can say that Begrip Gaming has finally returned!

What started from an idea of bAp and Yam, ends up boosting Begrip with this amazing team who has the perfect mix of young talented and more experienced players. We want to trade in the footsteps of the previous Begrip, and thats why we can definitely compete with the best teams out there!

Begrip will be in good hands miLmy (FOCUSON). He will lead us to the top and keep the motivation high!

I hope you guys can't wait to see us in action, because we can't!
Go Begrip!

Begrip's first challenge might be Stadium Team Championship 11, that recently opened their mapsearch.

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