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Hello guys! My name is Koen Schobbers, but better known Acer|Koenz , member of the famous Team Acer. I normally never post something here, though now i have something important coming up.

It's the Heart Foundation week, and i'll do a charity stream for 24 HOURS (holy moly) to raise money for the Heart Foundation (I also raise money in real life by collecting in my village). I start this evening +- 8pm CEST till saturday 8pm. During these hours i'll play all kind of games, Trackmania, Outlast (horror) in the night, CS:GO, LoL maybe, Minigolf, trapland etc., you call it. I also have a public teamspeak channel for all my viewers, so come over and talk with us to keep me awake. ( My twitch channel is

Officially, i'm a professional Trackmania driver, the game i play most of the time beside all others. Feel free to come over and hopefully we can support the Heart Foundation big time :)

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