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The Black Angel Team , a team of Italian Maniaplanet STADIUM , welcome you to the Eighth BaChampionship GP 2015 - A tournament inspired by Formula 1.
Every race of the championship will take place the week after the real F1 GP , and it's published on the site Calendar. On March 18 9:30 pm GMT+1 will begin the tournament most awaited by fans of this genre with the first race.
It will be a long journey that will end in mid-November , when will the corresponding official Formula 1 Championship . This year the rules have been reviewed and modified to the needs of the majority of players , it has become , from this edition , a more open tournament whitout the need to qualify to enter the race.
Of course you need to download the Stadium 


F1 pack to be able to race with us.
This year our races will take place on real tracks made with 3D studio.
They'll last approximately 45 minutes and contemplates pit stops to refill fuel.
It will be painful , but for F1 fans it will be one more reason to measure their stamina and skill.
So , with all my heart I wish you all a great championship , while thanking you for your participation , without which , this competition could not take place.
Thank you again

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#1 by Gigi33 on 2015-03-17 at 14:56
How to participate BaChampionship GP 2015 ?
#2 by McRobert on 2015-04-04 at 08:23
It is on Server and you run !!!

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