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Hey Guys! The 10 Maps are submitted and now the sst ~ Cup Starts!


The Map list is:

  1. sst ~ Bottich by Sers
  2. sst ~ United we are by elwormo
  3. sst ~ Beetle's Route by pr0ducer
  4. sst ~ Mr. Mayman' by aerosol
  5. sst ~ Reduction by Runaway
  6. sst ~ Hydro by Wisstem
  7. sst ~ Tentalfire by aerosol
  8. sst ~ [Harnstoff] by Sers
  9. sst ~ Manta by pr0ducer
  10. sst ~ Nikeo's Fort by MCJava

I will post the links in comments if a new track is out. The Tracks are changing from symetrical to not symetrical every time. Of course all are tech tracks(some are speedtech, some are just crazy, but all is tech :D)


Every Sunday the submission for one replay is closing and another map will be uploaded (submission time until midnight CET; upload has no time)

The maps will be uploaded on:

  1. Sunday March 22nd 2015
  2. Sunday March 29th 2015
  3. Sunday April 5th 2015
  4. Sunday April 12th 2015
  5. Sunday April 19th 2015
  6. Sunday April 26th 2015
  7. Sunday May 3rd 2015
  8. Sunday May 10th 2015
  9. Sunday May 17th 2015
  10. Sunday May 24th 2015

And its closing after last map is over.


Points are things you can get on every replay you send - collectiong points may give you some planets ;)

For a first MX Record you will get 10 Points, for the 2nd 9 points, for the 3rd 8 points... and the 10th will get 1 point!


Thanks to all donators:

  • aerosol  -  3000 Planets
  • pr0ducer   -   2000 Planets
  • SerS   -    7500 Planets

So there is a total prizepot of 12500 Planets!

It will be devided in the following parts:

  • Every map win: 1/20 --> 625 Planets per win
  • Most wins: 1/8 -->  1550 Planets
  • Most points: 3/8 --> 4700 Planets

Additionally, there is a Youtube video showing the Map winner each time on my channel!

And i will write a community article with videos and winners when its finished


The Rules are:

  • No Cuts are allowed!
  • Of course No cheating (What a suprise cheeky)
  • To participate just upload your replay on MX
  • The time must be set offline
  • You are allowed to share your replay on your channel too.
  • Please write critics to me and not in comments or on MX or whatever!


So lets Hunt!

Best Regards






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