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On february 21st at 21:30 (italian time) the BlackAngel Team will host on its server a duration open race 2 hours long.


Game: TrackMania 2 Stadium

Cathegory: GP F1

Mode: Stadium F1




Knowing us: BlackAngel Team started in 2006 and stand still till nowadays “surviving” since the old TrackMania Nation was released. Started as a “circle of friends” the Team growed up slowly but progressive and become this big in year 2010 when it was probably the biggest italian team. Nowadays we are only a little team but still alive in Italy. We are well known in the community because of our skill in GP races.


The race rules are quite simple:


  • a qualify session to set best driver's laps (not influent for the race) since today till day 21

  • a 2 hours nulti-lap race (more or less 120 laps) on a GP style track

  • real pit stops rests six seconds long in a 3-D pit lane to fill fuel (every stint 7-8 laps)

  • no registration needed


The race will tacke place on our italian server: BA STADIUM F1 on the Brazil F1 track, an absolutely new kind of track “hand made” by our track designer in an almost real mode with 3-D objects and track blocks not included in the original editor of Trackmania 2 Stadium but totally own engineered in a new game mode called STADIUM F1.

This kind of mode must be download free from Maniaplante Store in Stadium cathegory.

We hope everyone will enjoy our track and game mode and see you soon on our server.

Good luck and have fun!

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