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Hey guys ! For this new edition of trialmaster, we decided to change many things !


> This edition will be a whole year long
> There will be 6 maps only
> There will be 10 checkpoints by map
> Cuts are still not allowed, and you must take CP in the right order
> All records must be done online on WTC Trialmaster server only


First map will be playable from January 1 to 16.
Second map will be playable from March 6 to 20.
Third map will be playable from May 1 to 15.
Fourth map will be playable from July 3 to 17.
Fifth map will be playable from September 4 to 18.
Sixth map will be playable from November 6 to 20.


The trialmaster is a competition based on average to hard maps, but this year, the maps won't be as hard as other years because the difficulty will be more progressive.
Anyone with a big will and much persistence (and probably 1 or 2 hours free) will be able to reach the finish !
The difficulty for very good players will be to do a perfect on such a long maps !


The biggest reward in this kind of competition is to see his own name in the ranking :D
Therefore, if you finish 2 maps, you'll receive a Bronze Tag !
And if you finish the 6 maps, you'll receive a Silver Tag !
Top 3 players will receive a Gold Tag ;)

Good luck everyone and have fun !!!

First map :

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