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In early July, we learned that de.png Team Acer decided to bet on Trackmania with a very nice recruit : se.png Frostbeule and at.png Pezi ! And the Taïwan team want level up on TM and announce on this website its new online line-up !

So, after two years, gb.png Yoyotech lost its TMNF line-up. But does YYT leave TMNF forever ?


nl.png JWH (manager) :
"We fellt it was time to move ahead and to leave YoYoTECH in order to progress. We've had a great time with YYT for nearly 2 years but sadly it has come to an end.
After frostBeule moved to Acer, he mentioned to me that Acer was looking to create a team around Pezi and himself. So that's when I came in contact with Acer and they were very enthusiastic and a deal was quickly made.
I am really glad that we are given this oppertunity to join a fairly new but very well organised team. This whole move will be a huge motivation to the team to keep the good form going.
Of course I would like to thank YYT for taking us in 2 years ago and sticking with us. We have enjoyed every moment under their ranks."

Team Acer : line-up
  • nl.png JWH (manager)
  • it.png B3pp0'92
  • se.png Frostbeule
  • be.png Korre
  • pl.png nugget
  • at.png Pezi
  • cz.png Sandro
  • be.png Sani0
  • pl.png shief
  • nl.png Tamarillo
  • fr.png wells

source :  Team Acer

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